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Awakening To Life

January 3, 2012

Sustainable Consciousness is about inner attitudes & external actions. It is about being on the surface of truth. Being inspired within to help the planet & each other.
Choosing the path which leads to the greatest good for the sake of the greatest good. Seeing oneself in everything & everyone. Feeling a connectedness to all one perceives .
However truth has no words to describe it. For truth is life in this one perfect moment which can only be observed. As soon as a thought slips in the ego/mind has lowered its’ vibration & separated itself from true life.

The joy of observing what is… can never be described fully in words. God/Self/Source Energy is the real you. The ultimate joke is you are an actor in Gods play called life. Self always pulls the strings.

One can go through life with effort or effortlessly depending on ones level of surrender. But in the end the results will always be the same. The choice one needs to make is how does one wish to flow with the river.

How peaceful & joyful does one choose to be or how sad depressed & angry. You have a choice in each moment which vibration you wish to feed. The only way to overcome the program of DNA & past memories is to let go & be happy. The future will unfold perfectly as always yet your perception is your choice.

If there is one thing David Stillwaters(SCN) wishes for humanity it would be to choose your state of being wisely. If he had a second thing to wish for it would be to focus on positive solutions while allowing the problems of the world to change & fade away. The path of Destiny is a mystery for those who see without silence… Namaste’

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