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Imagine the way to peace & harmony

January 3, 2012

Imagine you had the power to change the world for the greatest good by changing your mind or perspective. Imagine if you will, that everything had found balance in the world. Imagine that all the people of the world had peace, food, shelter & a community to support them. Imagine we all had medical care for free.

Imagine free energy & transportation for all the world. Visualize a world without  war or boundaries. That everyone was living in harmony with the planet & suffering for humans & other living creatures had ended. Put your heart into this dream that you just visualized. Feel good that living in this world would help everyone evolve towards their source. That everyone would become more aware. Believe that we all reached our full potentials in a very short period of time.

If everyone would focus on solutions & take away their consciousness from the problems… the problems would lose their power. The solutions would become reality in life. Solutions would be magnetized to ones consciousness from the source energy flowing through them. Happiness attracts what one needs for the greatest good. The unfed problems would starve without supporting thoughts & ideas upon them.

If the world changes their focus & perspective to positive things the world would begin to change. It all starts with one human being. Since we are all connected it would only be a short while before many had the same positive out look. Just an idea to ponder. Namaste’

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