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January 4, 2012

     Using the word one instead of I unifies the individual point of consciousness to the  Universal matrix of consciousness or universal mind. Changing one speach changes ones vibration. Focusing on what causes one to be peaceful or joyful also increases ones vibration. One wills the will of one is the highest prayer one individual point of consciousness can make. One should believe in ones heart that all is one & one is all.

     There is the illusion of separation created by the egotistic I. I made, expressed, or felt this or that is not true. One channels ones source to manifest all thoughts and things. All one can truly do is receive & perceive Gods divine will or expression. Only ones source can conceive reality.

     Ones ideas to manifest come from ones source. The power to make anything a part of reality uses source energy & intelligence as well. One hopes one is clear on this.

     If one heals one self or another point of consciousness it is source energy & intelligence which does the work. If one has a psychic premonition. It is one source which allows information from a future perspective to awaken within one mind.

     If one is directed to save a life or feed the poor it is one channeling divine intelligent source energy at that moment to accomplish such humble feats. If one becomes abundant it is the abundance from source flowing through one which attracts such circumstances.

     All comes from one source & one source flows through all manifested things seen & unseen. One truth one being one father/mother God which has infinite points of perspective. Each point with infinite possibilities of expression & manifestation. One consciousness flowing through infinite points of awareness is truth.

     Each point is a unique frequency or part of source. Like the body has different cells with different functions the same is true with points of perspective called human beings. Like different atoms have different vibrational qualities & different protons electrons neutrons & sub atomic particles. Infinite is the way of life.

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