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January 5, 2012

      Some say the highest pathof spirituality is the choiceless path. Throughout ones life one thinks one makes choices to do good & unify what is around them or bad to separate & destroy what is around them. In truth the choice was already made by source energy at the beginning of existence.

     When one can surrender to that notion & accept life happening has divine purpose one may also accept that source energy manifest creates heals & attracts all circumstances in life for everyone. This intelligent source energy teaches all points of awareness to choose the greatest good in time through the choices involving negative vibrations and positive vibrations. Ones organic program eventually comes to the conclusion that merging or connecting with source energy creates the greatest outcomes for all.

     The natural state of a human being can be summed up in three words which are eternal knowledge & bliss. One, who is an extention of source energy, will always exist. The higher Self or Universal mind,in which one is always connected, knows almost everything that exist. Some material knowledge in the Universe has been destroyed, yet the majority still exist.

     What exist one has access to when one is being one Self. Joyful bliss is ones natural state when one is attuned to source energy fully. When one comes in contact with source energy one feels joy & bliss throughout ones being. When one moves away from source energy the opposite happens.

     Another truth is some knowledge changes. For material knowledge is relative to this Universal moment. In the next Universal moment the truth may be different. Limitless possibilities unfold from God. On one planet the skies may be blue, but after a major solar flare they turned green. A truth that the sky was blue changed when the perception changed. Consciousness creates reality always.

     Thoughts can change like the sky & perception may be altered from moment to moment as well. Just know it is one source flowing through one which makes the choices on what one perceives.

Universal Laws or knowledge are truths which never change. One exists. What one sends out into the Universe one gets back from the Universe in equal energetic vibration. All within the body of source has source within the body or all is one & one is all. These three truths never change.

The one who exist is the witness of source or life. The happening of life is truly choiceless in a Universal sense. Remember always it is source/God which conceives reality through us & as us. The witness has no part in conceiving only perceiving. The body has only the ability to receive through the senses. This is truth. A choiceless truth…Namaste’


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