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Self Realization Self Truth Self Love

January 6, 2012

     Self creates everything in our existence. Ideas places & things all are generated by one Self. Human bodies are only vessels which receive source energy from self & express it  from our DNA/life experience perspective.

     The human body is a tool which Self experiences limitless expression. Only Self can conceive reality called life. We are but extensions of Self through source energy expression.

     Self is made up of infinite points of perspective. It has infinite multidimensional frequencies which makes up its body. The image of Self is awareness or observing presence. It is formless & endless.

    Imagine that a human in physical form is an atom in Selfs Infinite body. This atom is connected to sub atomic particles called advanced non coporeal sentient beings. These advanced sentient beings are connected to source energy or Self as a point of refrence within the infinite body of Self. Each point has infinite creative potential like the Self.

     In Science the theoretical God particle is called the Higgs boson particle. Unlike other particles it does not spin & gives mass to all particles it comes into contact with. These particles which have mass created the entire Universe as we know it. This is how everything became Self.

     Human beings like atoms attract according to their charge & frequency. Inner vibratory frequencies always mirror reality which is observed & experienced.

     In life inner ideas & feelings are primary & outer reality is secondary. Inner being  reflects & affects ones perception. If the outer reality does not match the inner the inner is truth & the outer a lie.

     Negative inner states disrupt the harmony of surrounding particles. Negative outcomes will manifest most likely from ones actions while in this inner negative vibration.

     Choose positive emotions & ideas to raise ones vibration & change ones charge to positive. This will create harmony peace joy & well being in the moment. Ones actions will become beneficial to all. One will also attract others whose vibrations match your positive expression.

     In the end the choice to express positive or negative vibrations comes from source energy or Self. It comes as your DNA & past experiences. Both positive & negative experiences are designed to elevate your being towards Self realization & enlightenment. Even if you can not see it from your present perspective. One hopes this has all been made clear.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to comment & I will respond as soon as I am able.


  1. cre8appreshe8nevah8 permalink

    LOVE this post! Thank You!

  2. yesbless blessed yes! ~*~ 🙂

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