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Sustainable Consciousness Network

January 11, 2012

This network is a new foundation for combining science & consciousness. Its mission is to bring channels & psychics into a working synergy with scientist to make this a better world. The mission is to determine where earth & humanity are in this moment first. Secondly its’ mission is to find solutions to the problems this planet & humanity are facing. The third part of the mission is to find the people to implement the solutions for the greatest good. All of this, at some future date, will be put in a television show &  movie. To educate the masses.

It is the intention of this network to educate people about the quantum science of consciousness. If people would change their attitude & redirect their focus on positive solutions it would create a better world. This network wishes to express the possibility of a future where…

1. Everyone has Food/Water/Clothing

2. Shelter/Safety/Comfort

3. Education

4. Time fort Self reflection/Creative time

5. Jobs using their natural talents

6. Mass Transit for all world citizens

This network supports using free energy & sustainable zero carbon transportation. Using present technology to support sustainable life on this planet. It supports peace & acceptance of all beliefs as long as they do no harm towards others. This network has the greatest good in mind & is open to positive change. It is open to all positive ideas which are inspired from ones source.

Everything on this planet & in this reality started as a thought. Energy flows where consciousness goes. So we, as a people, must allow our consciousness to focus on what we desire in reality. We, as a people, must focus on what is for the greatest good for all. We, as a people, must NOT focus our attention on what is…if what is…is going to change!

Our thoughts & ideas attract similar things & people which match that vibration. Everything is energy, charge & vibration. If the resources for change are going to manifest we must attract support & act upon them. Ideas become reality when we act upon our inspirations. Otherwise nothing would come into being. Being present in the moment & working on each step is the solution. The goal is not as important as the next step. When humanity realizes this a better world will become reality.

Thank you all for your love & support. I hope this makes our intentions clear. Peace be with you all.

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