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Conscious Relationships-Revised :)

January 12, 2012


This blog was written years ago. I have updated the consciousness of this message to express a higher frequency from source. Please enjoy the revised version. Namaste’

  People need to realize first we are all connected to one source. Second we are all made up of the same star dust which created this entire Universe. Third all relationships should be for continual becoming or evolution. To bring the other to their true Selves, which is centered, creative, peaceful, passionate, & joy. Hope all will realize this & stop thinking about manipulation fear anger & jealousy. Destructive thoughts & intentions create a destructive world.

Nothing is for certain. If one spends time in silence & stillness life goes on. If one gives up creative expressions like art music & writing life goes on on. If one gives up all relationships with women or men life goes on. One will find peace at times & sorrow.  Being true to one Self means following ones bliss & inspiration.  God reflecting through one as one. Dreaming what is to be. The dream is not real…the dreamer is…the dreamer has awoken it seems…

One must stay conscious in all of ones relationships. With the Self & all others. Also with the relationship with the totality of the Universe. Life is about the deepening of our relationships by creating sacred space for the divine flow. It is not about you or the other person. If you make it that way one or both of you will lose out in the moments true bliss.To be silent & receptive towards others. To actively listen with ones entire being. To promote healing unity & oneness in all relationships. It is why we are here on earth.


Ones Dharma is that of a creative being of light. To be a puppet for the higher self to express & observe itself. One may choose to become a creative vessel. Being one Self means following ones heart…following ones bliss. One is silent awareness…One is consciousness…Yet one is also a generator of reality. One is a vibration which needs to stay high if the world is going to change for the better. To go within & find that which inspires joy in ones heart & attracts joy into ones experience through relationship with others.

     Allowing the moment to bring or reflect whatever it wishes. The Universe is within reflecting without. To Surrender to bliss is to allow the God/Self to shine its unlimited possibilities into the moment. Self can create more universal abundance than the organic vessel can imagine. Self can find the perfect mate lifestyle & community of support.

      Accepting what is… is the first step. Don’t deny what is ones nature. That is ones Dharma. If there is sorrow or negative emotion one is moving away from self & allowing the ego to manipulate the body one is observing through consciousness. It does not allow the divine flow to interconnect with self. It does not allow sacred space to open.  Thoughts of a negative nature can  stop disrupt or lower all relationships which are evolving in the moment.

Do not run from negative emotion or suppress it. That only allows it to come back in another form. Face it & choose to be ok with it. Allow one self to find peace with it. Know it as a lesson for one to turn towards Self not ego. Then choose to focus your thoughts on a positive expression.

      Be the world one wishes to change. Let the divine spirit infuse ones organic shell with light & love. Be receptive to the source energy within the moment. Call upon ones true self through surrender… which is true freedom. Be love, joy & happiness. Choose silence & joy as the paint to express your blissful experience. Follow the heart & let the inner child play. Think happy positive creative thoughts & surrender them to God or self. For that is where they originated from anyways.That is the only true relationship anyways.

All is one.


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  1. Kim permalink

    Beautiful articulation, David…thanks for sharing! Seems that this is the theme of the day around here. Your words are resonating and confirming all that I have been hearing! Good post!!! ❤

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