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Deep Angelic Poetry of the Soul

January 19, 2012

Angels Hearts Spoken


Angel wings breeze on soul skins deep

Bliss created by Angels’ song plays passions crave

Thoughts crushed in emotions race

Floods of moments awareness fills

Overwhelmed presence earths root gone

Ecstasy replaces ground under foot

Escape from space time in mind

Placed nowhere doing nothing in peace centered

Conscious feeling light reflected within

Agendas in darkened loss from an organic place

Escaped from maya from illusions hold

Surrendered acceptance of conscious waves moment

Enlightened ascension lay in place

Centered being now as always

Gods’ light shines out from nothings grace

Surrounded as unified naked bare

Changing moments form aware

No words thought or spoken here

For I have fallen in loves open sphere

No end or start embraced as clear

Only life accepted holds dear

Angels View


I am watching and listening to you

I know you’re every thought, feeling, & emotion

When you cry I share your tears freely

When you laugh I feel your joy fill me

I am angelic consciousness aware of Gods self creation

You are my devoted focused love in the moment

I await you to ask that sacred question

“Will you speak to me Guardian Angel?”

From this point I may speak to your being

From this point I may dialog with you if you desire it

I am here to help you on the path of creation

Let go of egos expectations and allow me to guide you

From my perspective I may guide you safely

We are co creators whom God loves dearly

For out of his being we were all created

In Spirits love we are all sustained

In Its’ body we all return embraced fully as pure love

So accept my guidance in kind and live in wonder

For I am guiding you to feel and spread love

The love which you truly are

The love of all which you perceive and create

Know all thoughts you perceive rise up from one God

Accept spirit and live in passions bliss and splendor

Live in ecstasy and ascend into Loves creation once again

Higher Ground 

Love last in the futures past

As far as the mind can see

Love pain is gain in the eyes that guides

And knows all souls flow free

Love found abound is sent all around

Like air we all must breathe

But embracing lust that’s found in us

Can bring a kingdom down

A soul in trust can feed the lust

Or utterly tear it down

But a soul in love brings light from above

And raises it to higher ground

Eternal Soul


In the silence

I found his grace

In the stillness

I found my place

In his knowledge

I’m never bound

In his center

Light flows round

I am the wood

I am the fire

Consumed and illuminated

By living desire

To rise spirits flame

And keep the wood whole

Feed it the wind

From your eternal soul



Sometimes to be

Is ok

Not to seek

Is ok

Not to listen

Is ok

Not to feel

Is ok

Not to think

Is ok

Just to be

It’s ok

Gods Desire


Dreams of colored sights and sound

Please the spirits of sky and ground

Art and music love and light

Human experiences are Gods Delight

God’s expression is found in all things

His light reflects through human beings

If you choose to reflect Gods desire

God will ignite your heart on fire

If alone in the darkness before mornings light

Sit stone still like mother earths night

Silent as a dolphin you hear a soft voice

That speaks from your heart Gods will your choice


As one


I see you once

for a duration

of a moonlit glance

upon its cycle

on heavens high

Reflecting hearts light

white as fresh snow

as spectral rainbows

Gratitude in thy eye

for your present touches

A splintered weave

of a heart once fractured

once again beating

in time with yours

with peace & bliss

as the moments residue

Another span of awareness

waiting in patient care

for a new moon

to rise from

horizons edged depth

bearing wisdom’s wholeness

in radiant smiles care

seen as souls life

breathing into being

a spirit naked bare

which stands upon

cold blessed ground

which you stand

and make again pure

from your inner fires

seeping into Gaias ground

In gratitude I leave

in physical circumstance

yet in souls glory

I’ve never  left

for we share one core

which beats deep within

our spirits chest

content in knowing

our souls follow

in cycled time

for an eternity

Blessed to wait

for the next moon light

to dance again

as one whole

upon eternity’s path

forever touched within

from silent truth unspoken

in still radiance

upon peaces care…


Cosmic fire


Cosmic fire on dancing air

Spins a web for all who care

Unfolding a cosmos for all to see

Each part connected to all things that be

Time is created for humans to see

Spans of illusion as parts of a dream

The web created is attached to all things

Love is the center where all life must spring

If this web was not all around

The universe would be empty

The universe would be bound

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