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February 28, 2012

The life & reality one experiences is relative to ones frequency & polarity at that moment.

As ones frequency changes so does the world.

The individual & collective consciousness also changes.

At each frequency harmonic a new awareness of life is experienced.

All is one & one is all is true at the frequency one is experiencing at the moment.

All frequency harmonics are connected yet the collective consciousness is different.

The Holographic Universe attracts people whose frequency matches its frequency.


There are layers of holograms within holograms with infinite possibilities of expression.

All are connected yet not all can be accessed unless ones frequency is a match.

Human beings always phase between dimensional harmonics.

This is truth.

The more still silent & peaceful you are the higher your frequency gets.

The more & faster you think the lower your frequency gets.

Joy & happiness raises negative emotions lower.

Enjoy the ride on the consciousness train my friends…Namaste’

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  1. Ohhh beautiful

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