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March 4, 2012


The Sioux are traditionally a deeply spiritual people, believing in one all-pervasive god, Wakan Tanka, or the Great Mystery. Religious visions were cultivated and the people communed with the spirit world through music and dance. I was told by a history professor that all tribes came from 4 main tribes originally. That certain tribes like the Nez Pierce were a root tribe where many others like the Lakota came from.

 The circle is big with the Lakota like doing the Hoop dancing… The world needs to see the higher self as a circle of beings making one intelligence…one joy…one love…one people…one life. The circle expresses unity. It also expresses that which you put out into the Universe comes back to you. Respect & choose words which resonate with the greatest good. Choose ideas & visions which support positive creation & emotion to make a better world.


The planet is round & we need to attune to the truth of sustainability…As we nurture the planet & each other we nurture ourselves at the same moment. We must be creative with our natural gifts & share our presence to elevate those whose organic bodies are programmed from lower frequencies. It is good to attract others who share the same frequency & version of the world we would love to live in.


The truth is that we only will see the world in which our frequency is a match or that we are in alignment with. To visualize & imagine a better world where there is clean air water & food to eat. A world of sustainable transportation & intergalactic trade & oneness… We should allow a better world that accepts positive change & growth. To focus on “what is” with our powerful thoughts only attracts what is in frequency. Better to focus on what could be & leave the rest up to the Universe.


When one thinks in these terms it opens them up to limitless possibilities of the soul & Self. Native people have known the nature of the Great Spirit for a long time. They also understand how powerful words & ideas are. They have gratitude for existence. They pause & contemplate an idea before it is spoken. They match their words with their hearts & their hearts with the world. They know this process will bring a better existence.


The law of attraction is important. Responsibility for ones expression is something humanity needs to face. To own that reality is a reflection of the inner Self always. What one feels sees & experiences is ones’ own frequency. This truth can elevate a person into a higher reality. Those who are ready will find, through the doors of perception… the way. Life will reflect what you empower with your inner consciousness & vibration always. To seek change & limitless positive expression will attract it. Knock & the door will be opened. Seek & ye shall find. Namaste’


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  1. Yamyah permalink

    Meaningful post, thank you. “The truth is that we only will see the world in which our frequency is a match or that we are in alignment with. “…yes. The green mandala takes me back to the heart chakra.
    Love and blessings ~

  2. Kim permalink

    Excellent post, David! Thanks for sharing this resonant reminder!!! Peace, love, and jellybeans…<3

  3. This is very nice. I deeply resonate with all that you wrote. And I’m glad to learn about the Nez Pierce. It fills a gap in my understanding of who I am and where I came from. On another note, do I know you? Where are you based? Thanks for helping to connect like frequencies… Robin

  4. Jennie permalink

    Good stuff!! Thanks! 🙂

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