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March 7, 2012



I. Humanity I imagine you are open to believing that we are extensions of a soul spirit having a human experience. The truth that we exist upon a living sentient extension (earth) of the one highest Self/GOD.

As we observe a living sentient organism the organism becomes Self aware through us individually. As a collective consciousness we also effect & reflect the world we live in. This planet is a frequency resolution harmonic of our frequencies & polarities (positive or negative) intertwined into one balanced matrix which creates this exact moment.

The Sustainable Consciousness Network is only for those individuals whose purpose frequency & polarity are harmonized through the law of attraction. We are a collective whose primary concern is for the greatest good. The greatest good of each other & the world we were born stewards of. This Network is for open minded & hearted beings who understand we are all extensions of one source. We believe that service toward others for the greatest good is our primary collective purpose.

If any of what was just expressed does not fully resonate with you then this is not a group you should become a part of.


II. The Sustainable Consciousness Network asks its members to choose their thoughts with the greatest good in mind. We ask that they energize their positive ideas with positive emotion & contemplate the effect of them. To contemplate not only the effect on them & their group but the effect on the planet in which we share sacred space.

In life there are four main topics to contemplate.

1. Who am I?

2. What do I want?

3. Why do I want it?

4. How do I find balance & harmony with life?


III. The Sustainable Consciousness Network promotes a balanced & harmonized body, mind & spirit. We encourage meditation, conscious eating, conscious breathing & nature awareness. We encourage people to connect with their Source God or Creator daily. This helps us keep a collective positive & peaceful vibration which serves the greatest good.

We are open to all positive suggestions on how we may improve the world. This network promotes the science of consciousness. Einstein & many others believe everything that exists is energy. They believe, as do I, that you can only perceive the world your vibration & polarity is attuned to.

There are infinite worlds existing simultaneously in each moment. As ones vibrational frequency increases the world at the next harmonic become available to experience. People who don’t match ones frequency are repelled or disappear from ones existence in this natural process. The Sustainable Consciousness Network is dedicated to gathering enough people at the same frequency to change the world that is… to a higher world we are attuning to through our intentions & positive vibrations.

To experience a new world one must be open to change. If we focus visualize & energize through positive emotion on a world we wish to live in it begins to shift & change. Spending time in silence & stillness daily is the next step towards a better world. To feel the vibration & frequency you are creating harmonizes your reality to that vibration.

It is interesting that the less our organic ego based minds are active the higher in frequency we become. Through observing the moment we are receiving from our source. When we think we are generating from our DNA programmed bodies & not connecting with our souls. Ones frequency is raised only in the mode of observation receiving or being.


IV. The Sustainable Consciousness Network supports certain Universal Laws.

1. I exist as a spirit/soul having a human experience at this moment.

2. What one generates & resonates with… in frequency & polarity…One attracts…in frequency & polarity. What one puts out… one gets back from the Universe… in simple terms.

3. All is one & one is all. The Universe is holographic as is everything in it. This is true no matter what Universe you are vibrating at …at any given moment.

4. The only constant in existence is change with the exception of the first three laws.

To understand a holographic existence certain truths must first be expressed.

1. Our spirit soul was made in the image of our creator or source.

2. Everything we experience is a reflection of who we are at that moment.

3.Any energy verbal emotional or physical exchange with another is always with our self.

4. Any thought polarity emotional frequency held in consciousness for a short duration attracts the same from the Universe into ones awareness. Attention with thought & emotion to what is only attracts what is.  Attention with thought & emotion to what one wants to be attracts what one desires.

5. Any sentient being which is close to ones vibration above or below can guide one from the dimension in which they subside.( example Angels ,spiritual guides & past relatives) This process is enhanced if one invites these beings of light for help.




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