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March 15, 2012



1. You need to care. Care about your Self. You need to care about all others. You need to care about the world. Love = Care…Living On Vortex Energy=Compassion Awareness Reflecting Eternity. All is one so treat everything as such.

2. Follow your excitement. Do whatever you can to stay active with what brings joy & bliss into your life. The Self reflects love & joy. Negative emotion tells you are moving away from your soul & sources intention. It tells you are moving away from purpose.

3. Become friends with your ego. Have gratitude for your computer like brain. Allow it to figure out what you want & why. Make a contract with it in order to manifest your desires more efficiently. Have gratitude for the super computer you posses called a brain. It can do many wonderful things for your life. Never fight or suppress it. It will defend itself. Love it.

4.Egos’ only job is to logically tell you what you need & why. If your emotions do not match the needs it gives you then ego is resisting you. You are the observing emotional body. Only positive emotion follows our true needs & desires. Write a contract stating that the minds only job is to decide what you want & why. It is the job of your source & soul to manifest reality. Your source will provide when, where, & how your desires will be met.

5. Spend time daydreaming about what you want & why. The imagination manifest through positive reinforcing emotion. This will bring heaven into your vision more quickly. Remember God is within you as you. Everything that you need will be provided if you ask. Knock & the door shall be opened to you. Truth.

6. Spend time in nature. Connecting to source energy is easier when what is within is reflected without. See your true self reflected in the energy of the trees’ animals’ rivers & weather. Do something which makes you lose track of time for your source is timeless, ageless & wonderful. Use your source inspired abilities to create in a timeless vortex. Use your inspiration to dance, paint, draw, compose music, or play an instrument. Anything creative like writing, poetry or sculpting can make time wiz on by.

7. Choose your thoughts & emotional state wisely. What you express you attract. Your reality is yours & no one else. What you think & observe is always a reflection of your frequency & polarity in the moment. Heaven on earth is a choice of being happy & accepting what happens in life as you on a higher level. Choose how you respond to the unfolding of life in a neutral or positive way. Choose ideas which serve the greatest good & bring happiness into your hearts center. Want heaven on earth then visualize it feel it love it & it will become the next moment for you.


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