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Water Engine Auto Possibilities

May 7, 2012

Most of the water engine inventors are in jail or dead for some reason. i hope someday the technology will not be suppressed.


Brown’s gas: This is the most perfect fuel of all for running our vehicles. Like pure hydrogen, it is made from water, i.e., hydrogen and oxygen, but it burns in the combustion engine so that, depending on the setup, it may actually release oxygen into the atmosphere. In that case, what comes out of the tail pipe is oxygen and water vapor, just as with fuel cells; but the oxygen comes from the water that’s being used to create the Brown’s gas fuel. So burning Brown’s gas as fuel can add oxygen to the air and thus increase the oxygen content of our atmosphere.


Hydrogen: This fuel is complete in itself. It does not need oxygen from the atmosphere to burn, which is an improvement over fossil fuels in saving the oxygen in our air supply. In fact, when hydrogen burns perfectly, nothing at all comes out of the tail pipe. If salt and metal alloy are used to create hydrogen, then there will be residues of that in the exhaust, but hydrogen fuel does not contribute oxygen to the atmosphere

Fuel Cells: This method uses oxygen from the atmosphere to complete the burning of the hydrogen in the fuel cell. What comes out of the tail pipe is oxygen and water vapor, but the oxygen originally came from the atmosphere, not from the fuel. And so the use of fuel cells neither takes away nor contributes to the oxygen content of the air.


Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell

Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell[11]

At least as far back as 1980, Stanley Meyer claimed that he had built a dune buggy which ran on water instead of petrol[12], although he gave inconsistent explanations as to its mode of operation. In some cases, he claimed that he had replaced the spark plugs with a “water splitter”[13], while in other cases it was claimed to rely on a “fuel cell”, which split the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen[14]. The “fuel cell”, which he claimed was subjected to an electrical resonance, would split the water mist into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which would then be combusted back into water vapour in a conventional internal combustion engine to produce net energy. Meyer’s claims were never independently verified, and in an Ohio court in 1996 he was found guilty of “gross and egregious fraud”.[1] He died of an aneurysm in 1998, although conspiracy theories persist in which it is claimed that he was poisoned.[15]

The WORLD famous JESUS CHRIST is LORD Dune Buggy Lives! Aired one time on TV. ( ex-owner – Stan Meyers) The buggy runs great off of scalar energy generated charged water! It is a damn shame the dune buggy is locked up and hidden from public. The owners are scared to own it and afraid of losing it. The Oil Corps will knock you out at the knees if you advertise the famous dune buggy. I ain ‘t lying. Please pray if you believe in Jesus Christ, as Stan did & I do. Pray this car becomes public knowledge and it’s technology we’ All be ALLOWED to come forward at this time. 6/2010 The deadly BP Oil Kill of all sea life in the Gulf. Death to Fossil fuels & Hallelujah to WATER! as a fuel! Latest News! It runs well!


Dennis Klein

In 2002, the firm Hydrogen Technology Applications has also patented an electrolyser design and has trademarked the term “Aquygen” to refer to the hydrogen oxygen gas mixture produced by the device.[16][17][18] Originally developed as an alternative to oxyacetylene welding, the company claimed to be able to run a vehicle exclusively on water, via the production of “Aquygen”, and invoked an unproven state of matter called “magnegases” and a discredited theory about magnecules to explain their results.[19] Company founder Dennis Klein claims to be in negotiations with a major US auto manufacturer and that the US government wants to produce Hummers that use his technology.[20]

At present, the company no longer claims it can run a car exclusively on water, and is instead marketing “Aquygen” production as a technique to increase fuel efficiency,[21] thus making it Hydrogen fuel enhancement rather than a water-fuelled car.


Genesis World Energy (GWE)

Also in 2002, Genesis World Energy announced a market ready device which would extract energy from water by separating the Hydrogen and Oxygen and then recombining them.[22] In 2003, the company announced that this technology had been adapted to power automobiles.[23] The company collected over $2.5 million from investors, but none of their devices were ever brought to market. In 2006, Patrick Kelly, the owner of Genesis World Energy was sentenced in New Jersey to five years in prison for theft and ordered to pay $400,000 in restitution.

I believe this technology will be allowed if Gasoline is a part of it. Straight water seems to get people taken care of.

Namaste’ my friends.






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