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Life’s Truth & Reflection

September 11, 2013

Express the creation spark within your being. Art music writing dancing…whatever you need to do to allow your source to flow. We are spiritual beings observing life happening through a body we temporarily possess.

The talents & programming of the body is not who we are. We are the point of awareness observing the body & receiving information from the senses. That which comes & goes is not who we are. Only that which remains is our truth.

Be the witness. Know what you see is always a pale reflection of who you are in the moment always. Inner reality & state of being is primary. Outer reflections called life are secondary. our state of being determines your circumstances. Not the other way around.

Be love & know all which manifest before you is yourself at that moment. Vibration polarity & consciousness  attract the same within your perspective of the Universe. Every perspective is unique to the observer… yet each perspective is connected like a hologram.

I am that,   I am… is the secret to life & God. The Moses code…or Be Still & Know That,   I am God… King David Psalms… ImageImageImage


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