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June 10, 2014

ImageIntroduction(Book in Progress)

This book is my humble attempt to explain my spiritual journey through the heart. I have had many good & bad life experiences which have awakened my consciousness to higher levels. I desire to pass on what I have experienced with you in an attempt to create a spiritual pointer to the truth.

The truth I speak of is one that can only be experienced. It is universal & felt though out ones being. I may be able to point you in the direction of your personal truth. It is felt & observed in this moment, but I can not take you there. I feel every ones truth is their own. Each life experience is unique to the expansion of universal consciousness.

Great teachers of the past show us ideas of oneness & unity. They show us acceptance, kindness, compassion & love. The Great Spirit within all things inspires us to create, expand, & flow with love. I hope this book gets this message across. Understanding the happening of what is. To feel & know the way. I believe Psalm 46:10 explains oneness & harmony best. “ Be still & know that I am God”.

Some of this information will be from personal life experience. Some will come from within my being. From the universal source we are all a part of & connected to. Life brings us many emotions & situations to grow & evolve. Will we choose to react from our organic programming like the animals do or will we respond from a place of stillness, silence & grace?

Universal abundance & the laws of attraction will be covered, yet the main focus will be the Self. The source we all must tap into to raise our awareness to the next level of understanding. It works best when accepted or surrendered to. It is the source of the one life happening now.

Am I truly writing this book or is this book happening through my human organic vessel? Am I hearing, seeing, feeling & thinking these words or are they simply happening from the divine source flowing through me? Who am I to write this?

As you proceed through this book an awakening of consciousness may or may not happen. Whatever is supposed to unfold will unfold. Whatever is not supposed unfold will not. All you can do is enjoy the journey & be open to limitless possibilities.

I dedicate this book to all of the light workers that exist. I dedicate this to all of those beings with open minds & hearts. Beings dedicated to the unfolding of this precious eternal moment. This book is for skeptics & believers alike. For the greatest good & darkness which happens to us all.

Awareness of life happening brings peace. May peace find us all!

Spiritual Experiences


One early morning I had a profound vision. I climbed to the top of a hill to see the lake down below. My heart is pounding from climbing the hill steep. I reach the summit at dusk. A pink and purple sunset greets me as I lay my bed roll down softly. The air is still and quiet. I lay down smelling the wild flowers from below.

My mind has been racing on life’s past. I still my thoughts while looking at the stars and sky. Night sets slowly and the stars begin to shoot across the sky in a hypnotic way. I ask for my truth and the Great Spirit to comfort me in my stillness.

I breathe and allow the breath to find silence. I feel the weight of my body lift slowly. My body parts all felt as one energy. I am energy as all is energy. I feel at one with the stillness.

The soft inner voice speaks to me on this sacred hill above the lake. Be in peace David. Be in peace. All of your needs will be met through feeling me inside you. Be calm in life and allow the moment to unfold as it should. Be patient my child. I am with you always. I love you always.

Be still and know I am the Great Spirit. I am Self. I am your true conscious source. Feel me in this moment. I speak to you now as I speak to you through your friends and loved ones. You have but to listen. Know what your feeling is attracting my love upon you now and forever. You are love my child.

Rest in my arms child of light. Be in peace. Witness life happening around you. I am that life. I am that space which everything happens.

I woke up at sunrise to feel the morning sun and the dew upon my brow. I felt aware yet totally refreshed and at peace.

My stillness had healed me of my past sorrow. I had fully forgiven myself. I let go of my past fully. I was in the flow of life once again. My stillness is my prayer now. My silence receives the inner peace of the sacred heart. My acceptance of the Great Spirits love is my immortal salvation.

I now follow that presence in peace. I am on my way to no where. Yet I feel now that I am everywhere helping every one do everything. Life flows effortlessly by being centered & silent within my heart. It was my spiritual heart that I felt on that hill. It filled my body mind and spirit with the presence of Self. It is where the Great Spirit and best friend dwell within me. It is the center of my consciousness. It is my truth and my way. It truly is the happening way.


There are times when I am in the mountains or on the beach when my entire inner dialog becomes still. I feel a presence throughout my body. It is a peaceful bliss which no words can describe. I sit in stillness & silence when life becomes disturbing so that I may find this presence again.

I feel, when in this presence, that life is happening perfectly. When I make love I feel this presence as well. Surges of energy without boundaries penetrate every cell of my body. My mind is disengaged & all I feel is oneness with my beloved. I am observing what is happening without thought.

I also feel a deep presence when I sit in silence with my beloved. We look at each other & rest in each others presence. It is a very peaceful & safe feeling. I have had a similar experience when sitting in a silent meditation group. Presence of Self or God filled the room. A felt unified field of awareness or oneness. An inner knowing that we are one. I am observing my being without thought or mind to get in the way.


A few years ago I sat at the top of a hill with a native pipe in hand. Listening deeply to the whispers of the wind. I covered myself with a wool blanket. It was rough against my naked skin. The cold is deep. This is my journey to unify myself as one being. My journey to the spiritual/emotional heart center.

I listened to my heart for days. It spoke of things to come and gives me much strength.
At times spirit became my blanket and warmed me. At times spirit froze me to the bone.
I ache and give thanks for all of the sensations of life.

My awareness seemed to increase everyday on this hill. The animal noises and the sound of the trees were felt deeply. I sometimes don’t know where they end and I begin.
I felt their connection and harmony with the Great Spirit. I felt them as if they were always inside me.
After a few days on the hill I no longer heard the inner voice. The red tailed hawk flew in circles above me every morning. This let me know a new day had begun. The spider crawled on my face which was frosted cold. To remind me I was alive. I am truly blessed.
I am a true brother and friend to all that is was or will be. In the end I walked down the hill with a new connection to Spirits infinite expression. I know that I am a reflection of all of Spirits life. Creation happens in awareness.
I am everything I perceive in this moment as light and love. I am also the darkest black void of nothingness. I am that spacious awareness which all happens. I am an instrument of the Great Spirits love & compassion. I am a joyful & peaceful being. I reflect the moment as it is. As I am.


I had a dream one moonlit night in December. I walked two roads in life. One road overlapped the other sharing the same space yet having opposing expression. One showed me the light and love of creation. The other had darkness and pain. They both were on the path. They both were in balance with what was. The Great Spirit reflected perfectly what lessons I needed to observe.

The dream started with me walking down an old gravel road. I saw old oak trees with roses of every color growing upon them. The smell was unforgettable. The aroma was a perfect balance of death & living beauty. The roses grew on ropes which had dead soldiers tied at the end of them. The soldiers were from every war that ever existed on earth. The light & beauty of the roses matched the darkness & despair expressed on the soldiers faces.

Watching this scene, as I walked down the path, reflected my emotions deeply. It brought me closer and closer to my heart center though light and shadow alike. I knew these lessons were bringing me closer to my source. It comforted me that the Great Spirit loved me so much to put so many lessons on my path.

What “is”…Is the best teacher of all. As I walked on this path going nowhere I felt comforted. Life may not always be understood. Yet it is balanced. It is a mystery which inspires the best within me & the worst. I embrace my own inner reflections upon this world. Through acceptance surrender & observation my spirit will evolve. Being ok with all that life unfolds brings me peace.


Years ago in the early 90’s I had an interesting spiritual experience camping. It was in Northern Oregon in a place near Trillium Lake. This lake is at the bottom of Mt Hood deep in the woods.

It happened at the end of the summer. I decided to camp out near where I lived in Government Camp Oregon. The camp site I picked was very remote. I could see at least 100 feet in all directions. The lake was about 500 feet away.

I remember it was a very cold night. I was bundled up in my thermal sleeping bag because my tent was not insulated. I was sleeping against the tent wall that night. I was laying next to the mesh window so I could see the stars up above. It was very beautiful & I could see shooting stars streaking across the sky just above the top of Mt. Hood. This occurred every few minutes. I felt so peaceful lying there.

After awhile I dozed off to sleep. About three am in the morning I was awoken by a bright light which emanated at the top of my tent. This light was so bright it blinded me. I could feel heat pulsating through my body. I got up & unzipped the tent flap to look outside to see where the light was coming from. I could not see much because I was partially blinded.

It was like snow blindness. If you have ever been outside on a sunny day after a fresh snow & gone inside you can not see anything for a minute or two. Everything appears as a white haze. It was like that.

I looked above the tent & there was nothing. There was no light or sound from the forest. There was no wind in the air. Everything was silent & still including the lake in the distance. No waves or ripples were apparent. After a few minutes I could see in the far distance in all directions. It was just so still.

I began to feel overwhelmingly tired at that point. I decided to go back to bed. I thought I may have had a mini stroke or some sort of neuro-surge. To this day I don’t really know what had happened. I feel the truth was the experience & not what I thought caused it.

The next morning I was awakened by a warm nudging on my right side. I was still sleeping against the side of the tent. During the early morning half of my body was warm & the other half very cold. The warm force kept rolling into me through the tent so I stood up & looked out the mesh window. To my surprise a 12 point buck had been laying against me during the night for warmth. As soon as I stood up he stood as well & bolted into the woods.

This spiritual experience connected me to Self & nature. I believe now that both are reflections of one eternal observing presence happening as life. The inner self reflected as outer reality. I was the experience.


In the summer of 1999 I had a mysterious experience in the desert outside of Phoenix. I was sleeping in the back of my Jeep Cherokee that night. The next morning I had to massage some clients in the city. At that time I lived in Sedona Arizona & commuted to Phoenix & Las Vegas on a regular basis to do healing work on certain clients. I worked behind a new age crystal shop in Sedona at the time. The owner sent me out to work sometimes. I also had my own clients I worked on in the city.

The sky was clear that night outside of Phoenix. The air was dry & cool. It was the end of the summer. I could see the stars up above through the window of my jeep. I was sleeping on my folded massage table in the back of my vehicle. In the open desert I could see for miles around from my location. The dirt road I came in on seemed to go on forever into the distance.

I began to doze off to sleep at one am in the morning. I know this because I gazed at my watch as I was closing my eyes. After what seemed to be a few minutes I heard a low hum off in the distance coming towards my jeep. As I tried to get up to see what was coming I found that all of my muscles were frozen. I could not even open my eyes as hard as I tried.

I felt a little disorientated because I could not determine what direction the noise was coming from. After what seemed to be two or three minutes I was able to open my eyes & sit up in the back of my jeep. I was amazed & startled when I opened my eyes because it was eight am in the morning & the sun was already up. I had lost seven hours of time in my conscious perception.

After I made this observation I decided to get out of my vehicle & look around. To my surprise there were no other tire tracks coming into my location except my own from the previous night. I could see nothing for miles in all directions.

To this day I can not logically explain my loss of time. It was an experience of perception being altered in some way. It could be something else. It was an unknown & uncertain manifestation in my life which I must accept. I felt it was easiest to let go of any explanation I could come up with & move on to the next mystery life had to offer.

I felt refreshed & calm that day. My healing sessions were amazing & my clients felt it was some of my best work yet. That night when I was home in bed in Sedona I went to sleep almost instantly. I awoke the next morning feeling great. This whole ordeal was just another reflection of my inner Self manifesting the outer world. This idea of owning my life experiences gives me great peace & joy. I feel like there is nothing outside the spirit within.


Many years ago when I was 19 I had an interesting experience napping in my bed. I awoke one late afternoon to my mother calling me down to dinner. As I woke I saw a flash. I looked up towards the ceiling & say an after image of two triangles over laying one another. One was red & the other was golden in appearance. This after image was rotating back & forth on the white ceiling of my room. It began to fade quickly as I observed its’ presence.

I decided to explore a little & look outside my bedroom window to see if there was something to cause this phenomenon. As I looked up I discovered the same red & golden triangle hovering above my house for about 2 seconds or so I thought. It disappeared into thin air when I gazed upon it. I could still see its’ after image against the clouds for a few seconds.

This was yet another unexplained life experience which had to be accepted & released. It seems we are only here to observe life happening in the moment. Once the moment is gone the event is only a thought or memory to fade in its’ own time. Not everything can be known by the mind. I do give great amounts of gratitude for all life has to offer & all the wondrous relationships I have had over the years. This was just one experience of many to be lived.


I had a vision of earth as one continent many years ago. It was a place of beauty, balance & bliss. The animals & people were all harmonious with each other. I observed this continent as if time had somehow been accelerated. Millions of years passed with one set of evolving animals & people living there. Then something cataclysmic happened.

I saw an asteroid from the sky hit the middle of the continent. The land split into many smaller continents. The people & the animals became separated from each other. Each land mass began to grow & evolve into a new eco system. This condition continued for millions of years until balance was achieved in each land environment.

After billions of years the different animals & people were reunited. All of the continents became as one. All of the eco systems & people blended in perfect harmony with each other after a transitional period.

The beginning of the transition expressed war & disturbances between the different animals & plant life. The people of that time observed inner & outer disturbances within their minds & soul expressions. All very quickly came to the brink of total destruction.

Then, out of nowhere, a miracle happened. The different cultures & animals began to accept one another out of sheer survival. They began to share their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. Over time they evolved into one mixed race & one unified people. The plants & animals found balance just by being in flow with their true nature. All became peaceful in the world.

The new civilization was many times more evolved than the individual communities. Through acceptance, hope, surrender, communication & forgiveness all became right with the world. The world became a creative paradise birthed from the love of all that is.

Over time another asteroid hit earth & the cycle of life continued. In this cycle harmony was achieved much faster & creative solutions were inspired more efficiently. I saw this cycle again & again like a heart that has to beat because it is its’ nature to beat.

After a few cycles the continent turned into a luminous soul of divine light. My vision became even more intense. The soul then divided into a male energy of blue & a female energy of gold. I saw many different colors expressed as male & female. It was like a rainbow exploding in all directions.

The male & female energies began to split into other realities. They divided into many dimensions & incarnations on infinite worlds. Sometimes the male & female energies were together. The times they were apart a chord of consciousness always kept them connected to one another.

The twin male & female, after many different expressions throughout the universe came back together as one for a brief time. A funny thing happened after that. The cycle began all over again in another Universe. Crazy Huh? All of this was just a happening within my dreaming vision. I felt great love observing it unfold within me.


I will tell you that choosing to let go of the past everyday is a very healing experience. I realized that observing nature without thought connected me to the deepest parts of my soul. It allowed me to see the happening way of life.

I imagined that everything I saw in nature I created. That everything I thought about I energized with divine cosmic soul energy. I was what I observed. I was the space in which everything happened. I was the observing consciousness creating through Gods creative ever flowing spirit.

God expresses from the unknown to the known. God happened through me as me. I discovered that the way God flows through each person & living thing is unique. The fabric of the Universe would unravel if this flow were to ever stop. Even if it stopped for one individual everything manifest would become nothing.

The inner knowledge of this truth comforts & centers me. There is purpose behind everything even if I don’t see it from my limited perception. This divine purpose gives me great peace in hard times. I know that if I am not tested by spirit I would have no reason to evolve & grow.

The more I surrender to what is the closer I get to being my true self. Change is the constant we call Love God or Spirit. Everything is constantly changing in form & frequency. Therefore surrendering or accepting change happening in this moment is what true spirituality is all about. It keeps our minds out of the past & anchored in the present. It is what being is all about.

In this limited 3D plane of existence the organic body may be a frequency limiting anchor which keeps my multidimensional body from its highest vibratory potential. The lessons I experience here are therefore more important to my souls’ growth than any other multidimensional soul expression I will be having. Without the illusion of time & space I know that everything happens simultaneously. This vision is but one of many stepping stones which bring clarity into my conscious awareness of Self unfolding before me.


I had a deep spiritual experience in a lava tube in Arizona near Flagstaff. It was about 2 miles deep & very cool. The deeper I went into the cave the more I felt connected to the earth & its’ spiritual essence. After about 45 minutes I came to the end of the cave & decided to lie down & see what I could experience.

I was lying in the cave for about a ½ an hour when my mind & senses became peaceful & still. The inner mind chatter subsided & I began to expand my awareness beyond anything one could imagine. It was like I was suspended in deep space with no lights to see & no sounds to hear.

I was suspended into this state until I began to feel surges of energy passing through my body. I saw flashes of different colored lights at first. After that the energy organized into triangular patterns of light.

These multidimensional pyramids upon pyramids turned into a spiraling fractal pattern going off into infinity. It was many patterns & realities all interlaced & layered upon each other. I could observe what was happening very well, but my thoughts could not engage while I was in this frequency of consciousness. Words could not justify the bliss & splendor I experienced. The colors morphed & were unknown to me in my awakening state of consciousness. I will allow you, the reader, to engage your imagination for this reality.

I stayed in this consciousness for what seemed to be 10 minutes or so. However, when I looked at my watch 2 hours had passed by so I decided to get up & leave. The passage went from being very narrow & small to extremely large. This was happening throughout the cave. It divided itself in some areas as well.

After climbing for an hour or so I reached the opening to the cave. The light at the entrance was blinding to me. It was if I were in the dark for years. I could also smell & hear strange sounds coming from the surface.

I emerged out of this cave as a newborn babe. The colors, smells & sounds of the forest were all new to me. I could smell the dirt beneath my feet. I could see auras of colored light around every living thing. I could feel the presence of life everywhere as if I were swimming through a sea of energy.

On this sacred journey I came across a spider & spider web. This was one of my totem animals which I attracted this lifetime. I could smell the spider & web separately. It was an amazing experience.

I could hear the weird sounds it made as well. I held this state of consciousness for about a ½ an hour. My boosted senses faded back to normal after that. I felt blessed, by the core of my being, for having such a profound & uplifting experience. I was given a glimpse of who I truly was in that moment. I will never forget this divine experience.

I believe everyone has the potential to have similar experiences. Each individual will have his/her own unique perception, yet will be using the same consciousness which we all come from. Each unique experience will add to Universal mind & expand the Universe by making the unknown known through observing the moment unfold. Choosing to observe without thought or judgment to get in the way of what is becomes a deep spiritual practice. Nature is a really great that way to know yourself as you truly are. .


Many years ago I got to spend some quality time in Hawaii. While I was there I had a deep spiritual experience with a golden monk seal & a blue whale. It was in the summer time & I was swimming in Maui on big beach. I remember seeing signs everywhere, when I got there, not to touch the seals because they was endangered. I believe there was a $20,000.00 fine for doing so.

I saw cones on the beach so I asked the guard what they were for. He told me that they put a perimeter around the seal when it chooses to sun on the beach. It keeps the tourist from getting too close to this magnificent creature. After awhile the seal came up on shore & basked in the sun. I decided to go body surfing with one of the guards which was on break.

After body surfing for about 10 minutes I noticed the seal was no longer on the beach. I caught about 3 waves after that when something unexpected happened. I felt something come up underneath me. I was pushed out of the water then slid back into the ocean off of the creatures back. This actually happened twice in a row. It was the golden monk seal playing with me. The lifeguard told me not to worry because the seal touched me & I did not try & touch the seal. Then another unexpected event occurred.

A large dark mass moved next to the lifeguard & me in the water. Then, out of deep, a blue whale launched itself right next to us & splashed an enormous wave over us. We were both surprised about this happening. I felt this was a reflection of Self communicating to us that anything is possible in life. That change & the unexpected are what manifest amazement & creativity into my life. This was another experience, of many, which transformed my consciousness into a higher plane. This happening opened me up to limitless possibilities.


The first pillar of Unconditional Love is being all giving. To give from my heart in any situation I come upon in life. My time, kindness, patience, compassion or even my prayers must be given when inspired to do so by my souls urging generated within the heart center. The flow of life will always directs me to do the right thing in each precious moment.

I believe that the flow of divine energy passing through Self manifest as the space in which everything happens. That space is a part of who I am. The other part, which is one with that space, is my observing presence. Therefore everything that I perceive I am. I believe that everything I give to I am one with. In other words I am everything I experience in life. I am life.

If my thoughts give me reason not to give I block the flow of life which always desires expression. This gives me a negative or undesirable life experience to learn from. To learn to give without letting my unfocused thoughts block the flow is my spiritual practice. In giving unconditionally, without thought, I feel at one with the moment.

You may wonder how I give without thinking. There is a difference between thinking, which is generated by the organic DNA programmed brain & inspiration, which is received from my heart center.

I can observe my actions & ideas in life without thinking about them. I choose not to hold on to a thought. I believe thoughts come from past memories while ideas are new creative manifestations of the moment. I choose to let each moment inspire a new idea for expression. I believe inspiration is a much higher vibration of intelligence which harmonizes & elevates all things it comes in contact with. Inspired giving is the best giving of all. It raises joy from within & seeks nothing in return from the outside world. I have realized that giving unconditionally happens when the body is ready for that higher vibration. It happens spontaneously from the divine energy flowing through existence.


The second pillar of Unconditional Love is being all understanding. I know intuitively that there is clarity & purpose in what is happening now. Thoughts do not bring me understanding. They sometimes confuse me. They fragment my mind into many directions. This creates many emotions which are unwanted.

I believe true understanding comes from knowing thoughts from the past create disturbances in the present moment. I know when I feel abandoned it is not from what is happening now. It is from a past memory of someone not coming back into my life. It is from me not letting go of the past & allowing the present to unfold before me.

I feel that any negative emotion can surface from recalling past events. I know that if something does not feel peaceful or good it is contrary to my souls’ purpose at that moment.

I choose to feed positive events unfolding in the moment. If my mind wonders, to negative thought patterns from the past, it will be ok. I can allow them to come & go through my mindscape. If a feeling comes up from these thoughts I can allow it to come & go through my observing presence. I can make the decision to not think or define it with more mental energy. I can allow the happening of emotion through pure observation. This is the way out of negative self programming. This is the way to raise ones vibration.


The third pillar of Unconditional Love is being all accepting. Life has taught me that accepting what is brings peace, joy, & bliss. I know that when I resist, what is so, inner peace becomes distorted. Observing life without trying to change it brings such balance & harmony. I watch emotions, as I watch life, without judgment. If a judgment unfolds in my mindscape, I simply watch it come & go. I know engaging it only drains the life force available to me at that moment.

Accepting everything in life can be a challenge at first. There are many beliefs or mental energy patterns around which can influence your vibration at any given moment. The people whom you frequent often will affect you on many different levels. There are many ways to overcome this.

I have learned that if people in your life don’t bring you unconditional joy & peace, you can let them go with love. Free will is very powerful. You can choose to redirect the energy of the moment always. If it is not possible to physically leave the person, whom you feel has a draining effect on you, there are other options.

I sometimes can become transparent to the expressions & vibrations of others. If you see yourself as wind you can let the opinions & vibrations of others pass right through you. You can observe the life experience as an object. Like a baseball or floating leaf which passes through the wind with ease. All you have to do is watch the object pass through you.

When I do this exercise I keep some of my awareness in my heart center. This anchors me in the peace, which is always inside me. You can pick any place inside your body as an anchor. I choose the heart center, which is located a half an inch to the right of my lower sternum, because it is a major emotional center of the body.

There are many other techniques as well. If you want a spiritual challenge you can engage the negative vibration with joy & gratitude. Give thanks for the inner disturbance you are feeling. Give thanks that you can feel such an intense energy. Have appreciation that the universe is testing you & helping you evolve to the next level of understanding. Know that the disturbance is not you. Learn that it is just like any other object you are aware of. That it will come & go as the moment changes & unfolds into something better. Like everything else in the Universe acceptance happens when you are truly ready for it to happen. There are no mistakes in this Universe & everything has purpose. You may not see it from your perspective or vibration level, but it has purpose none the less.


The last pillar of unconditional love is being all forgiving. This, for some, can be the hardest pillar to express. One must be willing to let go of all negative expression. I know & feel that I am limited in my perspective & awareness. I believe that this plane of existence limits us all, so that we may learn to overcome through surrender, kindness, compassion, & forgiveness.

I feel the first stage of forgiveness belongs to the Self. If you hold on to judgments about yourself from the past, it disturbs or blocks the flow of life from manifesting right now. I see the past as lessons, & experiences, which mold & evolve my soul in infinite ways. I praise the Universe for my lack of awareness. I learned from my mistakes & got to experience many levels of emotional energy.

I have also found that any or all three pillars of unconditional love can be used to reinforce the others. Forgiveness can be achieved through giving, understanding & accepting. This makes love the Universal energy of balance & creation. Everything that exists comes from this love. All objects solid, mental, emotional, or spiritual come from this energy. All levels of vibration come from this eternal intelligent existence.

You might say, “How can I forgive an axe murderer or Adolf Hitler?” That is a good question & I have some good answers. You might also ask, “If everything comes from love how can destructive or negative things happen in life?” I have some good answers for that as well. All negative manifestations come from the same source, manifestations such as being anxious, angry, sad, mad, depressed, irritated, abandoned, ignored, attacked, raped, tortured, or enraged. They all come from the source of your thoughts!

The first step towards forgiveness is to identify whom you are forgiving. Is it the man or woman who wronged you? Is it the thoughts, which manifested from the man or woman? Is it the will directing the thoughts of the man or woman? Could it be the soul which is one with the man or woman, or even the Over Soul/God which everything manifest from? Is it love which we need to forgive?

Each individual will have to determine whether or not forgiveness is necessary. Every level of awareness seems to bring in a new truth, which until that moment was obscured from consciousness. At the lowest level of consciousness we must forgive the thoughts & life programming of the individual. We must forgive the way the individual directed his or her will.

The observing presence, behind that will, is the same within all of us, so it does not need to be forgiven. It is eternal & can not be destroyed or changed. Its’ only purpose is to observe the growth & evolution happening through the center of consciousness. It observes the unknown become known. It promotes the Universal will & constant, which is change. This is where the paradox lies. That which never changes…changes “everything.”

The way love changes into destruction, is through thought & will. The will holds the lower vibration of thought until it manifest into our reality. So, simply put, one must to forgive the misdirected thoughts energized by the will of the DNA programmed body! The will is formed by the life experiences & DNA of the individual, all of which come from the one source called love. This is another pointer to why life happens.




This simple phrase has the answers to all of the questions that could be possibly asked. We have two main choices to make while living our lives in these spirit centered organic shells. Do we choose to find our answers first in the outside world, or do we look inside ourselves for the moments’ truth?

In my truth quantum energy found everywhere is intelligent & benevolent. It flows from the source of all sources to all of existence. However it only acts upon concepts & thoughts generated by the spiritual & organic mind.

Source energy is used by the highest self or over soul to conceive ones reality. The subconscious mind perceives the reality & the organic brain receives the reality. You may think your thoughts & lessons in life are yours, but in truth they are the souls’.

The soul has a past present future perspective & is always connected to God/Source It knows everything about you. It knows all of the guides angels & teachers whom watch over you. It responds to your concepts & thoughts always like quantum energy does.

Quantum energy & the soul work in harmony with each other. To change or heal ones body one must talk to the quantum energy in the body & talk to the highest self( meaning the highest part of you vibrationally). Together anything is possible. We are limitless spiritual beings who think we are human. Change your thoughts & concepts & you change your world. It changes not from the masses but from the individual choosing a better reality & existence.

Scottish scientist are just now exploring the effects of stable quantum fields & the unifying benevolent intelligent qualities that these fields possess. Galaxies are effected by them as well as the microcosm of atomic & sub atomic structures. They only express through intention. Ask the body to be young & aware. Tell the soul to support that concept & it will be so. We are that powerful…just believe. It works for anything in reality.



Humanity I am innocent & naive to things of this world. I have had my heart broken

many times. Yet I choose to open my heart every time and be aware of its felt presence. I

watch it & listen to it for guidance. I know the inner voice speaks from it & my source

shines from it. Even when what life reflects makes no sense & I feel abandoned I am

aware of its’ presence. I learn from it & let go with it. Now I channel from it Gods divine

wisdom within my being.

Humanity be aware of your heart always. It will allow you to be your true self in any

moment. The flow of life is unknowable. It has an intelligence all on its’ own. It effects

the deepest core of ones being. It is a mystery on how it works. The final resting place of

the flow is nowhere yet wholeness & balance is its’ nature. Wholeness is infinite. It is the

teacher of the heart. It is God. It is Love.

Outer circumstances are a reflection of the inner light of source radiating from your

heart center. Love is the true foundation which all things manifest. Love is the silence

between words and the stillness between emotions. It can only exist in the eternal

moment of now!

To be in the flow one must let go of everything, no exceptions, no exclusions. This is

the way of renewing spirit & finding your Dharma or way. Your true creative nature is

inspired from resonating with your unique spiritual frequency. Only you can perceive &

create what you do. None else can. This is your way!


Limitations are lessons from our source created by the ego/painbody or lower organic

thinking self. Negative emotions & thought forms in the form of words can attract

restrictions or cause limitations in those people around us. Unconscious people can be

effected by negative resonance or expression. They will react unconsciously. They will

feel fear, anger, jealousy, hate, sadness, loneliness, abandonment, or depression!

A conscious person will feel this negative energy empathic-ally & not take it

Personally. They know negative attracts negative & positive attracts positive. Like

attracts like. They choose to wait & respond instead of react. This is the way of being.

Always have your awareness on the heart before you respond. Express from your true

self & not from your thinking mind. When the pond is calm & still the depth becomes

clear. Then you can choose to walk in shallow waters & not drowned. We are but drops

of water in the pond yet we are all made from the same source.

The spiritual mind differs from the organic thinking mind in that a spiritual mind

receives the moments inspiration from the higher self or spirit & the thinking mind

generates an action or thought created by the brains function. The spiritual mind runs in

harmony with ones Dharma creating balance & peace in the moment. The creative mind

comes from spirit because it is inspired!

There are two wolves in your stomach. One Black one White. One feeds on negative

thoughts & emotions. The other feeds on the positive. The one that will live is the one

that you feed the most! Don’t fight your negative thoughts & emotions watch them with

the light of your awareness. The dark will disappear in the light. Then choose positive

inspirations to replace them. Eventually there will be no room for the dark.


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