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Spiritual Cosmic Expressions-Poetry of the Soul

June 10, 2014









Angels Hearts Spoken


Angel wings breeze on soul skins deep

Bliss created by Angels’ song plays passions crave

Thoughts crushed in emotions race

Floods of moments awareness fills

Overwhelmed presence earths root gone

Ecstasy replaces ground under foot

Escape from space time in mind

Placed nowhere doing nothing in peace centered

Conscious feeling light reflected within

Agendas in darkened loss from an organic place

Escaped from maya from illusions hold

Surrendered acceptance of conscious waves moment

Enlightened ascension lay in place

Centered being now as always

Gods’ light shines out from nothings grace

Surrounded as unified naked bare

Changing moments form aware

No words thought or spoken here

For I have fallen in loves open sphere

No end or start embraced as clear

Only life accepted holds dear











Angels Listen


Waiting for the next word to be spoken

Out of silence it breaks the minds calm

To know all is but reflection of perception

I sit writing these words from a silent mind

Peace decides to give me these words

I am not writing this for I have no free will

It is God reflecting in this organic vessel

I feel this reality is certain in truth

I do not know how this poem will end

It is specific to Gods purpose in this moment

There is nothing else but Gods now

I sit in Publix writing and knowing

Gods will rising from a silent mind echoing within

Poem’s written by the hand of God.

There is no other will or source to write

Angels listen to minds waves to paper graves

That is all this poem has to say






Gods Dream


I sit alone and wait for my heart to speak…It guides my awareness to accept Gods will…It is the only will that is…My organic mind has its programmed loops and reactions to life’s wonder…But now I choose to watch its game and not respond…My truth is a soft still voice which speaks without asking any questions…It guides me to truths unseen in the moments reflection…In faith I wait for the truth to unfold before me…No time or space just the moment unfolding as the lotus unfolds it’s infinite pedals…I do many things but think not of the doing…For life unfolds itself from the flow of God perfectly…Gods cage is Gods Self programmed organic living prison…A prison which God releases Itself when ready…Gods feelings become our salvation within one being…Our emotions are Gods lessons which torment or enlighten us out of illusion…And our heart felt acceptance becomes Gods dream…













My Heart Be Still & Know


I climb to the top of the hill to see the lake down below…My heart is pounding from climbing the hill steep…I reach the summit at dusk…A pink and purple sunset greet me…I lay my bed roll down softly…The air is still and quiet…I lay down smelling the wild flowers from below…My mind has been racing on life’s past…I still my thoughts while looking at the stars and sky…Night sets slowly and the stars begin to shoot across the sky in a hypnotic way…I ask for my truth and The Great Spirit to comfort me in my stillness…I breathe and allow the breath to find silence… I feel the weight of my body lift slowly…My body parts all separate now becoming one energy one being…I am energy as all is energy…I feel at one with the stillness…The soft inner voice speaks to me on this sacred hill above the lake…Be in peace David…Be in peace…All of your needs will be met through feeling me inside you…Be calm in life and allow the moment to unfold as it should…Be patient my child…I am with you always…I love you always…Be still and know I am The Great Spirit …I am your true conscious source…Feel me in this moment…I speak to you now as I speak to you through your friends and loved ones…You have but to listen…Know what your feeling is attracting my love upon you…Now and forever…You are love my child…Rest in my arms child of light…Be in peace…Witness life happening around you…I woke up at sunrise to feel the morning sun and the dew upon my brow…I felt aware yet totally refreshed and at peace…My stillness had healed me of my past sorrow…I had fully forgiven myself…I let go of my past fully…I was in the flow of life once again…My stillness is my prayer now…My silence receives the inner peace of the sacred heart…My acceptance of The Great Spirits love is my immortal salvation…I now follow that presence in peace…I am on my way to no where…Yet I feel now that I am everywhere helping every one do everything…Just by being still with my heart…It was my heart that I felt on that hill…It filled my body mind and spirit…It is where The Great Spirit and friend dwell within me…It is the center of consciousness…It is my truth and my way…It truly is…






















Great Lords Peace


I sit in silence at the circle of Stonehenge…The air is still and damp…The clouds above are filled with many shapes and faces…I feel the earth breathing life into my being…The core of my heart aches for a love lost to me…My thoughts torment me deeply of past remembrance…Knowing it is the divine spirits will does not consol me…My suffering is thy will lord…I can not call it my own…For without spirit flowing through me I am nothing…Feeling the grass beneath me…Smelling the evergreen in the distance deeply…Inner awareness of an oceans splendor between two shores of divine purity…One shore feels waves caress from Gods divine expression…Starting from the heart of the oceans floor…The second shore is decimated from the winds of karmic thunderstorms…It delights in the repetitive cycle of death and rebirth…Yet now I choose to accept this moments perfect grace…For it IS the will of all things that directs my course…The will of light reflects my hearts devotion…Devotion to witness life unfolding before eternal eyes…Life must also have destructive flames of emotion for a new phoenix of spirits grace to rise up…In this I understand thy will…I will to will thy will…For if I do not suffering becomes my hearts place…I take my loves ash to the depths of the burial sand…I weep the tears of thy will lord…I weep the tears of my inner hearts spirit…For that is all that can be done in this moments duration…I take rest in the great lords arms and find comfort…And accept peace once more…



Angels View


I am watching and listening to you

I know you’re every thought, feeling, & emotion

When you cry I share your tears freely

When you laugh I feel your joy fill me

I am angelic consciousness aware of Gods self creation

You are my devoted focused love in the moment

I await you to ask that sacred question

Will you speak to me Guardian Angel?”

From this point I may speak to your being

From this point I may dialog with you if you desire it

I am here to help you on the path of creation

Let go of egos expectations and allow me to guide you

From my perspective I may guide you safely

We are co creators whom God loves dearly

For out of his being we were all created

In her love we are all sustained

In his body we all return embraced full as pure love

So accept my guidance in kind and live in wonder

For I am guiding you to feel and spread love

The love which you truly are

The love of all which you perceive and create

Know all thoughts you perceive rise up from one God

Accept spirit and live in passions bliss and splendor

Live in ecstasy and ascend into Loves creation once again.





God She Loves


I am caught in a place of solitude and silence…
Love of self reflected in another soul light…
Yet alone I reflect this love upon myself deeply…

For it has not left me in presence or circumstance…
Loves power binds my experience in spirits’ splendor…
For there is naught without love in moments glance…

Waiting to greet love outside of breath and touch…
To know Gods reflection deep as she unfolds before me…
To know her touch and familiarity of heated hearts passion…

To cool with God in her embrace wanting nothing…
Embraced by God accepting her totality in senses bliss…
I now fall in her grace and let her winds guide to lands set…











Inner Peace Alone


Alone dark skies covered night,

Silence moves thought from light

Anger fades in fears flight

No emotion black voids fight


Surface all escapes truth

Moments on blank minds roof

Now begins as natures booth

Neck against wet tigers tooth


Surrendered to place and time

Seconds counted less than dime

Peace to know light souls shine

Death releases and ends this rhyme


Future Night


In the darkest mountain night

I felt a presence not far from sight

It comes from earth air water and light

It comes from places not dim or bright

A perfect presence from internal might

That once I felt during a darkened night











I feel what’s real in the moment

By being aware and still

Thoughts of past or future dissipate

My true essence unfolds

I have found the truth of this moment

I am enlightened now

Until the shadowed thoughts raise up

then I am again an unconscious

truth of being lost once again


My Resting Place


Hiking up the path through dark green life.

I hear my heart pounding as my body aches in Physical strife.

I see a light up above shining down the wooded path.

It inspires me to go on while leaning on my staff.

The top is getting closer as I push myself up the trail.

Seeing the view from the summit means my spirit did prevail.

I did not lose my passion while looking through darkened trees.

I made it to the light to finally rest down on my knees.

The view was at the height of an eagle flying high above.

The valleys down below an expression of creators love.

I’m glad I took those last steps to see such a  divine grace.

I have now finished this journey and found my resting place

Dusk till Dawn


Life goes on

From dusk till dawn

If you know how

To share it

Life goes on

From dusk till dawn

If you know how

To bare it

But if life is sad

And you don’t feel glad

There is a way to bear it

You take an old thought

That you’ve pondered somewhat

And find some new friend

To share it


Higher Ground


Love last in the futures past

As far as the mind can see

Love pain  is gain in the eyes that guides

And knows all souls flow free

Love found abound is sent all around

Like air we all must breathe

But embracing lust that’s found in us

Can bring a kingdom down

A soul in trust can feed the lust

Or utterly tear it down

But a soul in love brings light from above

And raises it to higher ground


The Great Spirit Whispers

I sit at the top of a hill with pipe in hand…
Listening to the whispers of the wind…
I am covered with a wool blanket…
It is rough against my naked skin…

The cold is deep…
This is my journey to myself…
The journey to the heart…
I listen to my heart for days…

It speaks of things to come and gives me much strength…
At times spirit becomes my blanket and warms me…
At times spirit freezes me to the bone…
I ache and give thanks for all of the sensations of life…

My awareness seems to increase everyday on this hill…
The animal noises and the sound of the trees are felt deeply…
I sometimes don’t know where they end and I begin…
I feel their connection and harmony with the Great Spirit…

I feel them as if they were always inside me…
After a few days on the hill I am not hearing the inner voice…
The hawk greets every morning knowing a new day is upon me…
The spider crawling on my face frosted cold around me…

I am truly blessed…
I am a true brother and friend to all that is was or will be…In the end I walk down the hill with a new language and friend…
I know that I am a reflection of all of Spirits life…

I create and communicate in my awareness of my heart space…
I am everything I perceive in this moment as light and love…
I am also the darkest black void of nothingness…
I am that spacious awareness…

I am an instrument of the Great Spirits love & compassion…
I am joyful & peaceful radiating being…
I reflect the moment as it is…
As I am…


















Eternal Soul


In the silence

I found his grace

In the stillness

I found my place

In his knowledge

I’m never bound

In his center

Light flows round

I am the wood

I am the fire

Consumed and illuminated

By living desire

To rise spirits flame

And keep the wood whole

Feed it the wind

From your eternal soul












I Am


In order to be

Who I truly am

I must not travel

Near or far

Searching deep inside

My heart to see

A mirror that reflects

I am in me










When you hold it tight

You’ve lost it

When you’ve lost it

You try and find it

In trying to find it

You lose it again

When you share it

Or reflect it

Or observe it

You become a part of it

One with it



Circle Divine


Circle of twine

With stones that shine

Becomes the  symbol

Of Love that’s divine

A symbol that’s eternal

Existing beyond time

A symbol that binds

All love that’s divine




Human Beings


We are a race of human beings

A race where the voice of love can ring

A race that can evolve all surrounding things

A race which expression of creation doth spring

A race that the light of the universe sings

A race that reflects gods’ emotional pings

A race that lives as gods everything














Sometimes to be

Is ok

Not to seek

Is ok

Not to listen

Is ok

Not to feel

Is ok

Not to think

Is ok

Just to be

It’s ok






If you try to fly away

From life under shadowed days

You will find it hard to focus

Traveling on your way

But if you search for light

Wherever you might stay

You become gods’ reflection

To create a brand new day







One Whole


A soul in love

That is pure and divine

Will find all its answers

In a search beyond time

For searching an answer

In another soul

Is to search yourself

For all is one whole



Heart Of Man


Sun and moon meet

At the mountain highest

As the lion

Lays with the lamb

The love of life

Is the brightest

As Christ speaks

From the heart of man












Winters Dawn


A wise old man awakens to the winters dawn

Watching crystal flakes dance a rainbows song

This infinite joy he feels raises him away

To see gods creation give birth to one more day

For he knows the Great Spirit gave him these things

Through his wisdom and through his dreams

As destiny is written as stars play their song

He accepts the truth that love as light belong






If all souls are one

From atom to sun

Then life on the run

Is giving one fun

Being as a child so young

To accept not to shun

Inspired love hating none

As gods will is shown

As gods will is done












That which attacks embrace and let go

Do not resist or control and let go

Produce thoughts as positive and let go

Receive positive energy and let go

Create your reality each moment and let go

Allow it to unfold and let go

Let emotion into your cosmos and let go

Embrace your next reality and let go

Just know I am and let go

Be and let go



Gods Desire


Dreams of colored sights and sound

Please the spirits of sky and ground

Art and music love and light

Human experiences are Gods Delight

God’s expression is found in all things

His light reflects through human beings

If you choose to reflect Gods desire

God will ignite your heart on fire

If alone in the darkness before mornings light

Sit stone still like mother earths night

Silent as a dolphin you hear a soft voice

That speaks from your heart Gods will your choice


As one


I see you once

for a duration

of a moonlit glance

upon its cycle

on heavens high

Reflecting hearts light

white as fresh snow

as spectral rainbows

Gratitude in thine eye

for your present touches

A splintered weave

of a heart once fractured

once again beating

in time with yours

with peace & bliss

as the moments residue

Another span of awareness

waiting in patient care

for a new moon

to rise from

horizons edged depth

bearing wisdoms wholeness

in radiant smiles care

seen as souls life

breathing into being

a spirit naked bare

which stands upon

cold blessed ground

which you stand

and make again pure

from your inner fires

seeping into Gaias ground

In gratitude I leave

in physical circumstance

yet in souls glory

I’ve never left

for we share one core

which beats deep within

our spirits chest

content in knowing

our souls follow

in cycled time

for an eternity

Blessed to wait

for the next moon lite

to dance again

as one whole

upon eternity’s path

forever touched within

from silent truth unspoken

in still radiance

upon peaces care…













In the absence of knowledge

Be still and aware

Listen to the silence

And God will be there





Next time around


Life is like mountains

With ups and downs

Where it starts

Is where it’s found

If any lost thoughts

Or deeds are left down

They will have to be crossed

Your next time around













Karmic town


Life is a circle

That’s all around

You are the center

Which all can be found

Surrounded by thoughts

You planted in ground

Someday to grow

Into karmic town

Good seeds will grow

A joyous day

Now if there bad

It’s time to pay

But life goes on

Either way



Cosmic fire


Cosmic fire on dancing air

Spins a web for all who care

Unfolding a cosmos for all to see

Each part connected to all things that be

Time is created for humans to see

Spans of illusion as parts of a dream

The web created is attached to all things

Love is the center where all life must spring

If this web was not all around

The universe would be empty

The universe would be bound



Who do all the creatures belong?

As the world evolves on its way.

Who can hear the creators’ song?

In the silence of a heart at bay.

Who can see the sun of love?

When the horizon breaks dawn of day.

Who can listen to the soul above?

When creation has something to say.

Who can speak to inspire all things?

And awaken the spirit in grace.

Who is the center of human beings?

That sets our universe in place.

Who is the divine that answers?

All the questions humanity will face.

Who is there in the moment?

To put ones perspective in place.

Who is this infinite being?

That defines awareness in space.

You that’s who.












Light Song


Life is a rhythm of sound and light

Sounds that surround breaks rhythm so slight

Flow with a song of silence that’s bright

So life becomes one connection that’s tight

Beware of a rhythm that causes life’s’ tears

Focus your heart so you might soon hear

A song that separates light souls from dark fears

A song with no end lasting all through the years


























What’s Divine


I have been on a long journey far away from home

Looking for some answers to tell where I belong

I have found no peace in searching so far away

My answers can’t be found on land or in the bay


Love light truth and wisdom are the tools that I use best

To search my inner visions and find lost thoughts at rest

I find fragments of mind not from this earthly Grace

But from another world found adrift in dimensional space


I wonder if these fragments are causing so much trouble

I asked what’s the greatest reason for Gods’ ultimate puzzle

Am I to gather the pieces to find my place in space and time

Or focus in the moment and allow God to grow what’s divine










Inner Reflections


I look deep within my stillness and listen to my silence,

To find my true divinity and dissipate my past violence,

I seek myself in the moment to find some inspiration,

To express Gods love and purpose for a moments duration,

I try and keep life simple with joy and happiness as my key,

To open the doors of my senses and let my soul flow free,

I see God in everything from the Mountains to the sea,

For God is the answer to what my inner reflections must be.
























The Great Spirit Walks


I walk two roads in life…One shows me the light and love of creation…The other has darkness and pain…They both are on my path…They both are in balance with what is…The Great Spirit reflects perfectly what lesson we need to observe in every moment…With silence on my path I walk and listen…The heart speaks only truth when I am with it…It shows me my lessons deeply…It brings me closer and closer though light and darkness alike…It comforts me that the Great Spirit loves me so much to put lessons on my path…Lessons which bring me closer each day to my divine center…To my heart space deeply…To know the truth of life without thought…Yet with perfect understanding…What is…Is the best teacher of all…It reflects your personal truth of that moment…That you are aware of Self’s creation…As I walk this path going nowhere I am comforted…All of my basic needs are cared for…All of the creators miracles unfold before my conscious eyes…For I am exactly where I am supposed to be always…I am here…I am now…I am…















The Flow


I breathe in divine light of the still moments pause…

To quiet the mind from past emotions obsession…

Waves surge within my skins tomb with no calm to rest…

Breath watched in flow from behind minds gate…

Chaos enters pain from my minds back door freely unwatched…

Unwatched but for a moment is an eternity in cosmic reflection…

A storm of pain repeats itself again & again…

I am lost in the futures past without lights anchor …

Reality lost in the mind of illusion conscious bare…

Bodies’ organs ache as tears stream from deep…

Deep past remembered from lives long turned to dust…

I watch from the hearts home with light of conscious breath…

Such Breath knows itself from the sources pool…

Directed by a voids desire from calm waters peace…

Breathe in & out one cosmos to reflect & see…

The heart becomes still once again in lifes garden…

A garden filled with the moments bliss & splendor…

Aromas turn into spectral rainbows within a calm soul…

The body vibrates in awareness bare naked in whispering wind…

Like cold droplets of mountain dew rolling upon a newborns skin…

Skin untouched by human thought or desire in place…

Heaven has become accepted as an open space…

From the inner sanctuary truth has become self aware…

Knowing true life has awakened itself in creative joy…

Awakened from an infinitely soft safe place once again…

From a surrendered place which spirits being calls the flow.

































Illuminated Cosmic Love


I lay by my lover caressing her fiery red hair…I’m lost in her deep spectral eyes and pupils of the darkest void where her universal nothingness resides…Her kisses devoured the passion stirring within me…I could not tell where her mouth ended and mine begun…Lost in fleshes caress…I see her as points of light shimmering…Light reflecting off the love of my heart…Her hair smells like a fresh spring flowers in the dew of dawn…I am lost in her beauty and radiant smile…She takes my arms hands and massages them while squeezing my legs between her thighs…Inviting me to start connecting on a deep soulful way…My passion was overwhelming to me…Her glistening soft white skin was like a newly born child and smells like heavens open gates…I slowly caressed her body to see her being shine upon me…The unconditional love I had for her was bursting from my heart in streams of white light and spectral rainbows…My inner cosmos was blossoming into all the beauty I’ve ever seen …I rested my third eye upon her heart…I was illuminated and consumed by her radiant being…Our souls merged as one at that moment…She overwhelmed all of my senses…The points of light were as bright yet peaceful and warming…A blissful calm washed over me like warm watered silk flowing through my being…I accepted that this was what the universe wanted me to experience…I surrendered to my love completely…I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time…My emotions were becoming light patterns upon the room around me…Light was everywhere…Waves of pleasure and love coursed through my entire body…She had no idea the power her love had upon my inner sanctum…I was in awe at the Goddess within her…I lost myself in her presence only to find myself once again…I was reflecting a soul that resonated like my own…A being I have known for many lifetimes in all existence…I felt my divine mates energy raise my inner core to the surface of my consciousness…I saw in her what was divine within me…Two hearts bringing up the one light and love of the universe…From that point on I chose to surrender to this beauties grace & presence…I am finally being myself again…I am cosmic awareness of the beauty that is…I am falling in Gods love…I am in love…I am love…I am…I…
















Nothing Is


I search for an answer…There is none…I fill my head and heart with infinite questions…Which only silence and stillness can answer…My inner calm blinds me if I watch with closed eyes…My presence and power repels the masses…For they are not ready to feel so deeply…I watch as the moment unfolds…Life’s beauty begins to surface on the screen of my consciousness…My micro universe has expressed love eternal for one brief moment…I watch the macro universe reflect my inner beauty perfectly…Then I begin to praise and thank the moment…Then it fades with my next thought of what is next…I lose myself once again…To the burning destructive power of thought…It breaks down my universe into parts that are unfamiliar to me…It divides and separates and grows like a cancer into more parts and divination…I watch my thoughts once again…Life unfolds beautifully…I dance with the Gods and Goddesses in silence and stillness…They rest in my micro consciousness waiting to be released into expression…Expression into the macro world once again…I breathe in… I breathe out…Nothing comes to mind…Nothing is…Spacious awareness of…












Butterfly Message


I was thinking about my love on my walk back from the gym…I felt you in my heart strongly… I came across some wild flowers with a butterfly on it…My inner voice said reach for it…I did and it flew around me and far away…The voice said kneel down to the flowers and be still…I did and calmed my loving heart to radiate inner peace…The Orange and Black Butterfly came back to the flower and drank it’s nectar once again…My inner voice said “I am watching…Pick the flower by the root and berry it in your garden at home”…I did what it asked…On my way home a yellow butterfly flew in front of me and blessed me…I cried deeply…My heart knew how much the great spirit and my lover loved me…I must be still and watch life unfold…It comes to me in peace…In spacious free awareness my love comes to me…When she sets upon my hand I know…I am…


Goodbye my love


Goodbye my love.

Good bye my friend.

For our time is over.

As the night time begins.

Good night my love.

Good night my friend.

We will be together soon.

Soon as the sun rises again.



Perfect Loves Queen


Good bye my dearest friend whom I wished to love in a sacred place.

You held me so warm and gentle in your loving motherly arms embrace.

Allowing my souls tears to release the addiction of my deep passions crave.

I accepted in tears that you my Angel offered only an unconditional loving place.

My tears emotion flowed inward and upward ascending to my sacred space.


I felt Gods wisdom compassion and love from my surrendered painful tears.

When we connect again it will be a loving friendship that brings us through the years.

For my hearts passion will reflect another as I release my abandoned fears.

You are a guide and reflection for me in darkness to see my own light.

For our relationship shall be for the day and left behind in the night.


God I pray to find a love that can blossom in the soft moon lights embrace. I rest in sensual slumber and awaken entwined in her sacred place.

To watch her sleeping breaths awaken upon a pillow ridden face.

I pray to connect with my mystery lover in passion, joy, and peace.

Dearest lord please help me attract her as a wonderful heart space dream.


As in love I will melt from her passions kiss as I reflect my inner lights King.

Our eyes will see the eternal approaching in an amazing orgasmic scene.

Two bodies so close they merge in oneness in sweats luminous gleam.

Two beating hearts of bursting passion as sensual flames merge as being.

My light reflected Gods perfect love by joyously attracting my Goddess & my Queen.






























A Souls Time for a Kiss


She sits across the table from me.

A smile lights up her beautiful face.

My heart expands in love and light.

Her lips are so full and smooth.

Like red silk on a bed of white roses.

The smell of her perfume fills my being.

I hold her soft radiant hand gently in mine.

I can feel her pulse through the skin.

It is a divine beat which becomes one with mine.

Kindness and compassion fill her eyes.

I am speechless feeling love in that moment.

It’s a perfect moment where time stands still.

She is my soul mate reflecting the essence of my being.

In stillness I feel her inner peace sing through me.

In silence I am aware of her breath in time with my own.

I slowly move towards her feeling the heat of soft skin

I feel the impulse to caress my breath upon her lips.

I desire to share the passion welling up within my heart.

It aches so deep and wishes to be released.

The light within me wishes to stoke the embers of passion.

I wish to spark the soul into ecstasy and divine light.

My lips separated only by her radiant red hair.

They rest upon her angelic face.

Each hair shines as rubies in the candle light.

I reach up and brush the hair softly against her skin.

I rest it upon her gentle shoulders.

My smiling lips close the remaining space between us.

I desire to kiss her lips with mine own.

To moisten her with my sensual kisses embrace.

As I open my mouth in loves tenderness she turns.

She offers her cheek as a target of my deepest passion.

The fire of my heart begins to drown from inner tears.

My soul mate shows only friendship from her heart.

Her minds intent is clear from my heart filled tears.

I keep sitting across that table with my soul mate and friend.

Time passes by and our relationships come and go.

We find comfort in each others company.

The flame of that first kiss still burns within me.

Through acceptance the heart has dried and healed over the years.

We still enjoy being with each other deeply.

I would wait a thousand lifetimes for her one passionate kiss.

In kindness love and compassion I wait for her lips embrace.

Someday or lifetime on this world it will be… I now tell you this.

But in Gods time not mine for love is an eternal place.









Soul Mates Out Of Time


My love we have life eternal

To reflect in each others eyes

We have life eternal

To reflect tears streaming by

You will never leave my heart

You would never even try

Because our souls have embraced

We are soul mates out of time

I see myself reflected in you

Deep within your being

I feel loves presence in you

That causes my tears to sing

I know we were brought together

To express unconditional love & grace

We will allow our spirits expression

To manifest purpose in this place

To live as two mirrors reflected

To discover living in spirits chase

To live as two mirrors reflected

And accept being in this space.











Perfect Reflection


I’ve known you my dearest love

Since the birth of eternal light

Many lifetimes we have met

To share our souls delight

We know each others passion

We share each others grace

We dance to each others rhythm

And merge in loves embrace

My feelings are felt between us

As your presence draws me near

Your words of love and presence

Melts all of my darkest fears

The brightest light of love

I’ve felt from your heart

You’re my perfect reflection

You’ve always been from the start

I don’t know where were going

The road ahead is unclear

We may choose to stay together

Or part in joyous tears

All I know is I love you

Being with you inspires me dear.










My Goddess Love


The love of a Goddess embraces my soul.

Her light sinks in to places untold.

She shares her essence, wisdom, and grace.

She shows me the beauty of her body and face.

I feel no jealousy, anger or hate.

I have no want or need as of late.

Her power has healed me and made me whole.

For her embrace was complete as two halves make one soul.









My Goddess holds half my heart

She held it from the very start

Her smile moves my very soul

When she hugs I’m completely whole

But when she goes away in space and time

I take this moment to search deep inside

My spirit then takes me on a different route

It lets me know the inner Goddess speaks out

She says I’m whole already without a doubt

So when she comes back from her sacred place

She becomes the mirror for my inner Goddesses face


How To Let Go


When I lost my true love

I was told to let go

But in that final moment

How to do that I did not know

To let go of my love

Did not make any sense

To let go of my friendship

Would make it way intense

So I decided to go within

To find this puzzling answer

And I found it was my sadness

That was acting like a cancer

So I surrounded it with white light

And asked to feel our love

That was the final answer

To this question placed above

I got to keep my love forever

With the memory of her angelic face

I know it wont be Never

To once again be in loves grace











Let Go This Way


Life is great and wonderful you see.

For now my head and heart are free.

I let go of lost loves sadness that held me at bay.

I launched my souls light wings and flew away.

But then my lost loves heart calmed down.

And a new love within started stirring around.

It inspired her to come back and ask me out.

A fresh new start I can not pout.

This new love now has seized the day.

Our lives are now better that we let go this way.



Unnmet Dreams


I know my wife from visions seen

I dedicate my love to unmet dreams

Someday we will meet and fly away

Till then I will love from a distance and prey

The other ladies  I’ve met and seen

Are friends to love not lovers to be

My love for her will never die

For we will create another life

From our souls a mix begun

We will create a living sun

From this life all will see

What love expresses from her and me

This is our future this is our dream

We are the next creators to be

Inspiring love from an open heart to see

The web of life connecting all things to be



Dear Friend


To keep my dear friend from leaving my life.

I must let her go from my sight.

I can not let her hear my voice.

I have to live by her final choice.

To someday come back and be my friend.

Or choose to leave and never be seen again.













True Love


I found true love in your eyes

A love that’s pure and divine

I see in you a spirits that’s free

I see in you a creator to be

I found what’s missing in my soul

It’s found in you what makes me whole

Together were complete in our own way

Together our love will master the day



Love In Me


Like the river

Runs to the sea

That’s how your love

Flows into me

At a steady pace

your love’s found a place

Deep inside my heart

Sometimes I feel it’s not there

So I sit in silent prayer

Then a light shines on my heart

To create a fresh new start

So loves emotion can express

I care
















In Love


In Love there is naught else…No opposite to neutralize its’ splendor of ecstasy or bliss…Its’ only purpose is to attract the same…Deep in its’ passion one loses oneself in oneness…Tis the grace of God one merges into…Tis the only reason male and female come together in apparent separateness…To allow God to come together to oneself once again…Angels call this beauty…I call it home…In this splendor we rest in the oneness of self where we are only one…This moment is to be cherished for limitless possibilities arise from ones home…So fall in love and create your peace and joy…Fall in love and embrace the void of infinite oneness…Fall and allow your lover to be as God intended… For in the end you will realize that your lover is naught…In the end you are naught…Only the presence of God remains…Which is…I am…















Glory To Loves Embrace


We lie underneath the sheets of heaven,

Her skin as a newborns touch across my skin,

Love radiates from her soft caress,

I feel the passion of my hearts delight,

She illuminates my souls reflection in dark eyes tear,

I am consumed and lost in her divine presence,

This Goddesses limitless kindness blankets me warm,

I fall into the bottomless valley of her sensual souls grace,

In her infinite presence I surrender in silence fully,

For in her embrace I know not where I am,

I accept that I am as lost in her love as I am in mine,

In this one love betwixt our souls I rest aware in bliss,

Floating now in Gods perfection as one once again…

















In Love I Do Nothing


She is away from me now in life’s complexity

Her fathers’ daughter programmed for silence in time

I know not her return or circumstance

She moves through life with purpose and drive

I feel she must do it all without me

She asks not for help and seeks not my company

I feel her love and adoration deep in my heart

She feels and thinks of me and family in tear ridden eyes

But does not act upon her emotions quest

It is not mine to understand or change her process

It is only mine to accept this Goddesses expression

She will return to my space in kind when her time is done

Until then I can do nothing but live through my heart daily

I sit still and silent waiting for divine direction

Her divine presence and expression has never left me

For the Love that is expressed is eternal and one with all

I feel my spirit and body calm with her in mind

In her return I actively listen in bliss and grace

For her presence reflects my inner light well

She sees deep within my eyes Gods love light shine

Knowing the moment expresses perfection being divine


In Passions Kiss


A kiss in passions crave lost I am

She devours my souls’ deep expression sweet

Caressing and massaging my muscles deep

She envelops my body merged fully

As if we shared the same skin and touch

Dammed rivers within released in full force

My bliss overwhelms flesh and spirit alike

No thoughts in mind only feeling moments splendor

God loving Goddess through loves flowing rapids

One heart one love one being expressed

Exhausted in reflected ecstasy melting into one pool

Floating waves of source from whence we came

Before time began and all was the same

Sleeping now in the voids peace being nothing once again

Light pierces mine eye eternally entwined in loves embrace

O bright sun resets lifes play of unities chase

The game to remember ourselves as two

To play another days illusion of separation once again















Love Filled Dreams


My life is a love filled dream

Right from the very start

My birth was a long awaited answer

To the flame in my mothers heart

Her Indian spirit was strong and free

I felt this because it entered me

Three days after I saw first light

Her spirit was taken into the night

Her love was unconditional

It was felt from the very start

Her spirit has never left me

Her star burns bright within my heart

This was just the beginning

For my life as a sun

I was adopted into a wonderful family

Whose love for me was always one

My mom spoke of me as special

Since the day she held me in her arms

She never felt I was not her own

I was accepted as if Christ from a barn

She cared for me my whole life as if I were her own

I never felt deserted or ever without a home

One morning in October

My mother had passed away

I felt her spirit enter me

Now two mothers live within my spirits Bay

Two mothers now shining brightly

Deep within my hearts grace

I will cherish their love forever

A mothers love can never lose its’ place

For a love filled dream is lost never

It lives within my heart filled space.

































She came into my heart from distant words spoken,

She shines like my mother with eyes of kind compassion,,

Christ abides with her speaking in a calm sweet voice of certainty,

My love for her is constant and deep as the oceans blue,

She talks of things of beauty joy and peace,

In private times she tickles me as my mother did when I was a child,

When she says I love you I feel it in the center of my heart and soul,

When she leaves me I still feel her presence inside me,

She is never gone from me I feel her always,

I know when she returns all will be calm and true,

She is my compass which guides me when dark days come,

She guides me when I am not expressing my inner souls peace,

She loves me when I need to feel the divine mothers embrace,

I thank my Goddess for blowing me to lands set,

I love my Goddess with all of Gods grace and divinity within me,

May we always find comfort in each others presence,

I pray we shall reflect the best of our beings existence,

To serve the divine in humanity and each other.








Backwards to the Future


We live in a world of technology…That creates chemicals which build in us toxically…That destroys our awareness apparently…From seeing the truth of life…Our thoughts bring up reality…With a media which shows you what the few want you to see…It forms a world that does not serve you or me…It enslaves your mind and actions to be…Better to go back to small communities…Horses to get around are clean…Natural stone and wood to build your place… No toxins there to pollute your space…Clean air to breathe every day…Time to work and time to pray…Connecting to source in any old way…Freedom to choose a great world and great day…Maybe If we go back to these nature ridden days…The universe may allow more contact our way…But if we choose to step forward…To consume and destroy the dirt beneath our feet…The air will become stale…Polluted water to drink…Then death will be our future…For from the earth is what we breathe…What is left is a still human heartbeat…Which our thoughts eventually deceived…








Butterfly Queen


I glance over my shoulder hearing the winds breath

Blue eyed wings stared through my being as she sets

My heart is calm and my body is still watching beauty

Her silence radiates warm light within my aware being

I know we are as two flames merged into one moment

Neither of us outside of this perfect cosmic dance of peace

Accepting each others presence as divine and with purpose

For being in this meadow now is our destiny and perfection

No thought rises to ruin this expression of our inner sanctum

No single thought rises to define this outer dreams reflection

For in this moment an enlightened eternity rests aware unfolding

We know in this deep embracing acceptance… that life is…











Mother of all


Mother of all I beseech you

Please forgive my country new

Mother of all I pray to you

Please guide the hearts that are untrue

Mother of all I cry for you

For your heart reflects my heart too

Mother of all I live for you

You provide for my every need

Mother of all I love you

For your life eternal indeed

Mother of all when I die for you

May I fertilize your next seed

Mother of all I thank you

For your love is all that will be

















Still Peaceful Night


Shifting world in conflict I beseech you

Let go of our anger and hate

Heal your skies and oceans of blue

Create balance before it’s too late

Move the hearts of people in power

Don’t let their greed and lust devour

Lead the people with heart and grace

To a place of harmony in your space

Upon the valleys and mountain zones

Let them live in caves and domes

To make their peace in a place called home

Clear out the souls bent on destructive desire

Allow compassion and wisdom to be forged from your fire

Release all darkness with dawns early light

Let loves light inspire all in your sight

That gives all your children a still peaceful night

For now all is silent for now all is right



Lifes Dream


To know light as beauty

Is to have nature as a friend

Who guides me to live free

Without a beginning or an end

Future days are uncertain

As the past is forgotten it seems

The moment is but drawing a curtain

To see what I call life’s dream

Mother Trees Race


How often do you go out to look at the trees

The source of the air that you constantly breathe

How often do you think about mother earths green

You are her children and not a fake dream

How often do you respect that which gives you life

Is it as much as you respect your child or even your wife

How often do you love the oceans and the land

Is it as many times in life as you’ve played in the sand

These are some questions that you need to hear

For mother earth is dieing a little each year

She does not feel your love and tenderness it seems

She does not even feel your happy heart felt dreams

So make an effort to love the green beneath your feet

Try to take some time and get off the black paved street

For humanities time has run out and that’s a certain fact

The moment has to be now for humanity to get on track

Put your mind on love and green to find your true space

Do not let your mother die and save our human race











Space Inner Space


I’m a spiritual human from outer space

Here to teach you about inner space

This is where you find inner grace

Then you will know harmonies  proper place

Do not judge ethnic religion color or race

For you judge yourself in this awful space

Try joy love and compassion to take their place

Then mother earth will blossom her lovely face

So humanity will have finally won their case

That they are worthy to exist in this space

Not to be destroyed without a trace


Eternal Fight


Dark shadows embrace the night

Bright moonshines as sense delight

Predators prowling first blood to bite

Predators prowling eyes lit so bright

Loud wolves howling out of sight

Prey is preying for dawns first light

Nature is singing all balanced all right

Life and death always embrace so tight

Neither can win this eternal fight











The fire burns down

Into an amber glow

As black smoke rises

Against pure white snow

Creatures are lurking

In shadows below

In the cold silence

Where darkness can grow

When fire light dies

You will soon know

Creatures are coming

It’s time to go




















Seeded Thoughts


First life is found as a raindrop sound falling on a seed

It raises to the surface and seeks the sun to feed

Energy earth and air supports its every need

Nature nurtures love into all that must be

So don’t think your separate from all things you see

In a web were all connected by one heart and one being

To know how this can be close your eyes at night to see

The parts of god in thee that grows inside like a watered seed

Nurtured with your thoughts planted with your dreams

In the end of your life the whole world will learn of thee

For the seeds you have planted are creations soon to be

Know love shared with all becomes a sacred tree

That steadily grows into all things that be

Love limits are limitless as you will soon see

For seeds will be falling to grow an eternity

One last thing to remember thoughts in mind are real you see

They blossom like a flower or sprout like a tree

Unstoppable just like lightning once their out of their seed

They grow old with intent, intent fed from thee

so choose your thoughts well choose them well indeed

for who wants to live in a world full of bad seed



Wondrous Thing


As I reach

For a soul in need

The soul retreats

From the plant as a seed

Pain in heart

To see a seed dry

To far out of reach

I begin to cry

The wind begins

To blow it away

It floats over head

And into the bay

With water to nurture

The seed to grow

The tides will decide

If land would soon sow

If the soul reaches out

It will plant at the shore

If it pushes away

I will see it no more

With land to grow roots

Life should soon spring

As a soul wants to blossom

Into a wondrous thing







Future Night


In the darkest mountain night

I felt a presence not far from sight

It comes from earth air water and light

It comes from places not dim or bright

A perfect presence from internal might

That once I felt during a darkened night




Holy Ground


climbing to reach the summit peak

cold air blows no sun shows

climbing high to reach the sky

no end in sight no air to speak

my body numbs as bones begin to ache

spirits of earth test my feet

spirits of air grasp my breath

I will not stop I will not break

Blinded by mist of clouds around

I challenge all spirits of life

The heavens open as I hear my heart pounding

The last step is holy on sacred ground









Freedom Sent


I watched an eagle soar high to greet the early winds

I watched him dive low to challenge canyons bend

I watched him fly along until the rivers end

He screamed a blood curdled song as if his soul was bent

For there was much loss in the place where last he went

A battle raged in blood he watched with intent

Many men had died that day without their consent

Killing in blind rage as an emotional vent

An eagle knows men have hearts with no sense

An eagle feels without filters he raised no defense

His heart is strong and pure he knows its content

He knows his soul is free for his soul is freedom sent




















Finding Peace


Dry red earth beneath my feet,

Breathing warm light penetrating my pores,

Moist droplets surface only to return to the fire air,

Head is light mind is empty,

Accepting the path no regrets,

The view inspires every step,

Cactus green cool in thought,

Waiting night of dark to descend,

Stars will soon sing the nocturnal song,

Heart is beating at earths divine pace,

Mother Earth reflects awareness within,

I walk with purpose in now I am,

My choice I stop and go,

Breathe in Breathe out Breathe in,

My Universe breathes me deep,

Centered on no desire no thought no self,

Grace embraces feeling like silk,

Ah a moments Peace,










Who is Empty?


I walk with purpose down this rock ridden road called life…Looking for nothing going nowhere just being dirty on this journey…Some rocks get in my boots and cause me pain…Some are just the size to kick out of my way…The biggest ones of all I climb over…The cracked ones I break down or walk around…


Whoever crosses my path I give my consciousness attention…To see what I am creating at that moment…To own and savor the existence so sweet…Raindrops on my face pebbles under my feet…My perception is the canvas of my soul letting me know where I am…Where ever I am…There I am…


I choose to judge my shadow sometimes…It’s a trap you know…Or did I mean a trip…Anyways Judgment sometimes turns into anger…Anger can slide into rage man…Rage can burn out into sorrow…Sorrow can make one feel lonely and fear can fall into place…Just like conditional love turning into fear anger rage what a strange trip that is…


I love the lessons of my shadowed ego feeding on pain and suffering…Some people who are unaware trigger me into feeding the lower natures of my existence…Great lessons all of them…Take advantage of me …Hate me & loathe me…Rage on me as the devil child of satin…I will be thrilled to spill from your slippery shadow…Slip and slide to call it my own…Can you dig it cats and dogs…


I have my cup half full of shadow and half of light it seems… Never could drink life strait black ya know… Goes down sweeter with cream and sugar…Can’t drink it all or pour it out…Always mixing it up to paint on my portrait of life… A little bit of happiness with a touch of strife…


Someday I can pour out the coffee and switch to tea…Light and clear with the same amount of caffeine…Not ready to do it just yet ,but soon…Not today…My badges of tears and screams are worn proudly…My sorrow and pain feed my identity of…Poor me…Help me…Feed me…Pity me…Yeah right like that’s a truth I will hold on tightly too…Not!…


Feeling like no one would pay attention to me if I was not larger than life…I have to have more talents than everyone else…I have to stand out in the crowd and be the center of attention…No women would have me if I was not all that and then some…Mix in me being a bad ass, non caring, non giving, bad boy with a hell driven attitude…I have to be the one and only GOD!!!…Yeah right!…


I would sometimes think and feel that if I were not all of these things no woman would have me…I would not be a challenge for them…No one wants a boring nice guy who smothers with gifts, time, adoring words and syrupy kindness…Where is the challenge in that…It takes away from all of the primal hunting instincts within man and women…I have to manipulate to get my mate…Yeah that’s the ticket…


All of this is too much work …I am thinking way too much on all of this insignificant bullshit…I give up…I surrender……I close my minds well and give up my heaven and my hell…It’s too much effort for so little joy…I was happier as a dumb kid playing with my toy…Playing and being creative for its own sake…Like flying a kite and swimming in the lake…


Empty my dreams…Empty my past and all of its’ things…No good…No bad…No right…No wrong…No joy…No hate…No fear now… as of late…Not even thoughts to masturbate…Nothing remains…I stand here naked bare aware…My cup is now empty…What will this void produce?… Who am I now? Whence did I come? …Who is listening?… Who is breathing?…Who is feeling?… Who is Empty? …Who is?..














Eternal Lights End


Horus ascension from a sexual embrace…

From the mystery of Isis we choose to face…

Two serpents raised in conscious bliss…

Soon to meet in a third eye kiss…

Down from heaven souls light to rain…

Our souls will merge once again…

To fill an empty cups desire…

To ignite ones soul with cosmic fire…

In her presence man doth nest…

To raise his Ka with all the rest…

To stroke the Goddess upon her zones…

To ascend back to his BA now shown…

Serving his Goddess for a life in heart…

Reflects her end has become his start…

For in the end we both will know…

The eternal light we both now show…















Dark Intentions see the Light


Awareness of dark intentions…

Cloud the minds through thought extensions…

Greed & power from lust devour…

The souls of many upon this hour…

The few who hide behind symbols of peace…

The few who call themselves master or priest…

Control the flow of material & mind…

To focus their power to lead human kind…

No conscious will to heal or feed…

Only to consume from others greed…

Programming society to heed their will…

Raping the lands & wars blood to spill…

Stealing the thoughts of the masses deep…

Through the Medias war on everything steep…

We follow their lead like Shepard’s sheep…

We leave our wills within their keep…

Humanity needs to wake up once again…

To sustain their hearts in the greater goods bin…

To focus on sustaining lifes peace & light…

To focus upon the stars naught in the darkness of night…

Small natural communities must reign in Gaias reconstruction…

For black top tree chopped cities will become our destruction…

Their over populated spaces are breeding mental dysfunction…

Where broken relationships from lies becomes societies junction…

We lie & manipulate to fulfill our needs…

We change our minds to darken our deeds…

Just to get a fix or fuel the egos greed…

Or to “buy the next woman” to plant your next seed…

Wake up humanity before it’s too late…

There is only one planet upon this plate…

Where you eat shit and piss or even masturbate…

There will be nothing left to even contemplate…

If you leave it to the politicians to figure out your fate…

Focus instead on ways to feed the masses…

To use sustainable fuels instead of the gasses…

To replenish the land which nourishes your needs…

To heal the minds which cause Gaia to bleed…

People of earth you are truly one race…

One planet to love and share in its space…

One set of animals shares its ground…

One element of water which rains life sound…

There is only one solution to get earth on track…

Its to focus on her needs to get Gaia back…

Find your balance in silence to know your true being…

Allow your soul to flow & allow your spirit to sing…

Don’t let your minds emotions feed Global fear…

Cancel your negative thoughts & let inner wisdom persevere…

Speak with your hearts voice to allow truth to become clear…

Hold your focus upon all beauty to manifest what’s loved dear…

Living life to seek the brightest solutions & not the darkest fear…




Stop It


One thing I have to say to you humanity…

Stop it…

You look at your televisions watching destructive storms…

Storms which rage in towns unknown to you…

Focusing on the death tolls & weeping families without homes…

Stop it…

The media reports that we will see much death in our future…

They report about scientific predictions of the end of the world…

They report about religious and psychic predictions of our own destruction…

Stop it…

Every famine and fire and gunshot death brought to our full attention…

Drug lords & Gangs terrorizing our neighbor hoods…

Terrorist and religious martyrs destroy and plot to instill fear into the masses…

Women and children being starved out tortured raped and beaten…

Stop it…

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, Global warming, Ice storms, microburst, superstorms, tornados, acid rain, avalanches, deathly meteorites and solar flares…

Stop it…

Is that where you wish for your thoughts to be paid…

Is that where you want your children’s focus to be laid…

Attraction to decimation only brings a rotting self reflection to ones perception…

Stop it…

Allow solutions to fill your hearts…

Beauty joy & happiness can be your start…

Take your focus away from dark nights unseen…

Choose to put your mind stream on a shining Gaia green…

Let go of the darkness that does not serve the greater light…

Let your spirit flow…

And Let go of Warring rage filled fights…

Do not resist…Do not resist…Do not resist…

For if you do it will persist…

Your thoughts are a point for realities attraction…

Choose thoughts of love not dark distraction…

Focus on what you desire to see…

For I look upon the moment & decide what will be…

A Utopian life in love where all souls are free…

No more slaughter houses fill our streets…

No more fear to raise our heart beats…

Farms & Forest in Bountiful Green…

Blue skies above & peaceful days are seen…

Lying in the fields upon blissful day dreams…

I see harmony in our community where houses blend with the land…

I smell the salt of clear blue ocean waves crash upon the sand…

Art music & poetry fill our purpose of day…

Creative expression is encouraged as much as children’s play…

In my minds eye beautiful fields of spectral flowers are seen…

Near the rainbow waterfalls & purple-pink sunset sheen…

The ocean in the distance has whales & dolphins off its shore…

Singing about their happiness reflected deep from their hearts core…

The love of my life is rubbing my shoulders & kissing my neck tenderly…

So I have one last thing to say to you…

You whom I call humanity…

Who sprouted from one sources being…

Stop focusing on lifes destruction & dysfunction…

Your Fucking with my inner hearts dream creation…

So Fucking Stop it!!!


















White Soul Sands


White sands blow upon all who dwell upon the waters edge…

Observing the sun reflected off all souls deep…

I watch our smallest selves reflected upon the surface of mind…

Loving Self as an ache from hearts truth…

knowing the only purpose is joyful peace watching…

Allowing the moment in shadow or light to be…

Accepting the souls journey without reaction or judgment…

Letting the water & sand to stick where it may…

Feeling life guide love & let go…

Acting on passion & excitement as nature does…

In the moments creative fire express…

Fill then empty in softness…

Await the next movement of the souls heart…

Watch in wonder as I reflect my truth…

I am that…I am…


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