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Creative Consciousness Upon A New World

June 21, 2015


The only way to change the world is to first change your intentions about it. People do not realize how powerful their imagination is. The intelligence within is limitless. Once you have decided to imagine a better world the Universe will give you thoughts to take action on to make it a reality. Everything within is reflected without. If you change your thoughts & beliefs you change what you see in your mirror.


Source energy is infinite & wants to be directed. It is everywhere & in everything. I believe the world is getting better everyday. If I choose to see beauty everywhere then I attract beauty everywhere. If I choose a color for the day I will see it throughout the day. Be responsible for your own happiness & world you live in. Choose thoughts & ideas which promote clean air water food & positive relationships. Choose a thriving planet.


Negative stories you say about yourself or others will attract negative circumstances in time. Don’t hold onto the victim mentality. Choose Self empowering affirmations in your daily life. Choose the opposite of every bad experience you have ever had. Think about ways of serving others in a positive life giving way. It will change your life. Source goes where your attention flows.


Humanity needs to take personal responsibility for their thoughts actions & responses. Slow down & observe what is & how it feels inside your body. Doing this will change your life. Self empowerment starts with changing your thinking & taking  personal responsibility for your co-created life. Engaging negative thoughts only brings disaster.

People like Annalisa Robusto ” The Goddess Walk” use their thoughts to empower lay lines & balance the planet. She empowers sacred geometry with intention & source energy to bring thriving life back to the world. She chooses positive ideas to bring beauty balance & creative expression into the world.

We also have Eckhart Tollee, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, D, Chopra & Lynne Forrest who teach people how to remove the Victim consciousness from our lives. They teach us about the power of the present moment, positive thoughts, co creative ideas, source energy & so much more. We need to co create the world we want to live in actively & not reflect back what is in a negative way. We are not victims abusers or rescuers. We are infinite cosmic deciders. Once a decision is made the Universe/Higher Self/Prime Creator will fill in the rest.

Dusk till Dawn


Life goes on

From dusk till dawn

If you know how

To share it

Life goes on

From dusk till dawn

If you know how

To bare it

But if life is sad

And you don’t feel glad

There is a way to bear it

You take an old thought

That you’ve pondered somewhat

And find some new friend

To share it

by David Stillwaters

Eternal Soul


In the silence

I found his grace

In the stillness

I found my place

In his knowledge

I’m never bound

In his center

Light flows round

I am the wood

I am the fire

Consumed and illuminated

By living desire

To rise spirits flame

And keep the wood whole

Feed it the wind

From your eternal soul

by David Stillwaters10978548_811678435574893_6273136957109629132_n


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