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We are about raising global consciousness about the world & each other. We are sovereign free will citizens of this Universe . We deserve to evolve & grow without being affected by media corporations or governments. We as humanity deserve to have our DNA/RNA activated fully. We deserve clean air, water, & food. We deserve to have quantum devices which serve the public not just the secrete military complexes of this world. We are about positive change, positive news, & positive community. To be our true expressions of Self. We need a sustainable free clean energy world to survive. If world unity  & peace happens …many beings who match our positive attitudes will come from other Galaxies & Universes to serve & help us. They are watching & waiting to serve. We are co creators of God/Source. We need to take back our power as a positive collective & choose a better world. Small communities networked for sustainable existence on a Global scale. Big corporations are killing the planet. Small is the way to healing & peace. Imagine a better world with enough people & the world has to change.

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  1. eunice permalink

    namaste for life!

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